Arenas to go

  • Although a manege can help make winter riding easier, Sportsmark has devised a clever way to help.The company has designed arena boards which means you can convert aflat part of your field or paddock into a schooling arena, varying from a standard 20m x 40m to a 20m x 60m.

    Multi Surface dressage Arena Boards from Sportsmark, which are secured with pegs to beat windy weather, are 2m long, and manufactured from tough and durable Polypropalene. Resilient to impact and UV light, each pack comes complete with a carrying case which makes transporting them easy.

    Recommended for professionals and pleasure riders alike, these boards are designed to accommodate containers for flower pots.

    Available in packs of seven, 10 and 11, a 20m x 40m partially enclosed school needs 17 boards, while a fully enclosed 20m x40m school requires 60.

    Cost at around £72 for a pack of seven.

    Formore information on Sportsmark products contact (tel: 01926 417 300) or visit www.sportsmark.co.uk

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