Area 14 showjumping results, 19-20 May 2012

  • KBIS British novice.– 1, Nessa (L Ross); 2, Autumn Cruise (J Kennell); 3, Cool Clover (S Farell). Tri-Zone Airlite discovery.– 1, Cas (R Walker); 2, Lachain Lass (M Kendell); 3, Miss Rollo (F Mavers). EquestrianClearance.com newcomers.– 1,Back In Black (N Springer); 2, Culto (R Jenkinson); 3, Rollover (J Reed Stephenson). 1.10m.– 1, Twice As Nice (L Tomlinson); 2, Unarette (N Springer); 3, Woodstock Miss Chatter Box (L Wood). Smarter Transport Training national 1.15m members cup.– 1,Guess What II (R Nichol); 2, Unarette (N Springer); 3, Wenge (G Smith). H&H Foxhunter inc RHS q.– 1, Amiro (J Dixon); 2, Hazel (E Whitaker); 3, Vagebond VI (J Gate). 1.25m/AW Jenkinson star of the future.– 1, Thomas III (D Wicks); 2, Hazel; 3, Wordsworth II (S Buckley). Katherine James 1m novice.– 1, Lachain Lass; 2, Tiffcrum Bernard (E Stout); 3, Fletcher VD Nethe (G Charnley). Autostop 1.05m Adventurer.– 1, Sam I Am II (J Johnston); 2, Millenium Gold (W Dunlop); 3, Clough Bank Gem (S Boyd). EquestrianClearance.com newcomers.– 1, Caradel (N Coupe); 2, Elizabeth (G Catlow); 3, Dolly Delight (K Shaw). 1.10m.– 1, Day Dream (J Dixon); 2, Abadan (H Pedrosa); 3, Pauldray’s Flick Flack (L Montgomerie). Sport Horse Classic Blue Riband ch’ship q./1.20m.– 1, Hazel; 2, Unarette); 3, Wordsworth II. 1.20m.– 1, Show Girl IV (N Coupe); 2, Connolly (M Kendall); 3, Vote Z (J Fletcher). Power & Performance RHS grade C q.– 1, HFS Valentino (S Buckley); 2, Wordsworth II; 3, Amiro (J Dixon). 1.30m/The Classic Boqhuan Young Masters ch q.– 1, Vote Z (J Fletcher); 2, Vintage Vee (J Dixon); 3, Grand Master II (N Coupe). pony British novice.– 1, Miss Smudge (A Veitch); 2, Rosewall Miss Dreamgirl; 3, McFly VII (C Coulthard). Shaw Farm Tiny Tots.– 1, Whinney Lass (A Aitken). pony discovery/90cm.– 1, Brynore Lass (A McHattie); 2, Llettycrudd Cardi Bach (M Argo); 3, Ballywhillin Hot Shot (O Storey). Blue Chip pony newcomers/1m.– 1, La Rousse (M Craven); 2, Honey II (S Hillier); 3, Jiminy Cricket (A Fisher). Squibb Demolition pony Foxhunter/1.10m.– 1, Ranger Man; 2, La Rousse. Graham Heath 128/138cm h’cap.– 1eq, 4 tied. pony British novice.– 1, Rosewall Miss Dreamgirl; 2, Tip Top IV S Howard); 3, Menai Chanter (A Vailonis). pony discovery/90cm.– 1, Ballywhillan Hotshot; 2, Brynore Lass; 3, Country Mile(L Rhodes). Shaw Farm Stud Tiny Tots 90cm.– 1eq, Menai Chanter & Rosewall Miss Dreamgirl; 3, Tip Top VI. 128/138cm h’cap.– 1&2, Boos Cruise & Got Lucky Grey (C Thomlinson); 3, Brynore Lass. Independent Asset Management pony progressive.– 1, Bishopston No Limit (L Rhodes); 2, Little Jack Pot (E Barclay); 3, Jiminy Cricket . AJ Walter Aviation pony adventurer/1.10m.– 1, Gildens Vital Spark (L Rhodes); 2, Our Millie (G Barclay); 3, Jiminy Cricket. Mandy Hall 1.15m members cup.– 1, Gildens Vital Spark; 2, Our Millie.

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