Anglesey County showjumping results, 9-10 August, 2011

  • 1m.— 1, Little Prince II (K Whattam); 2, Good Times (P Sims); 3, Neopolitan II (D Hughes). newcomers.— 1, Sunview Star (K Williams); 2, Uranium Du Hoissoit (P Sims); 3, Andersons Magic (E Blackburn). Horse & Hound Foxhunter.— 1, Fleur De Rouet (S Gill); 2, Zomone (T French); 3, Bow House Rubis (W Whitaker). 1.20m.— 1, Del Fuego (P Murphy); 2, Sorento 5 (P Barker); 3, Tinkers Blueprint (D Gill). A&B.— 1, Thalita (S Whitaker); 2, U Kitty (R Bevis); 3, Apollo Star (G Billington). Thayers Ice Cream area trial.— 1, Timo (J Billington); 2, Step In Time (S Price); 3, Renkum Off Centre (P Murphy). pony discovery.— 1, Indies Crusade (C Pritchard); 2, Park Mr Smart (L Jones); 3, Iouar Georgio (A Pritchard). 11 August: newcomers.— 1, Touche (K Williams); 2, The Editor (C Rios); 3, Wait And See (E Pritchard). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m.— 1, Upperten (R Bevis); 2, Fleur De Rouet; 3, Willerton (G Whitaker). Cushionbed National 1.40m.— 1, Lerado (J Billington); 2, Savoy (S Whitaker); 3, Tinkas Kid (C Rios). Anglesey grand prix.— 1eq, 5 tied. Blue Chip Feed Balancer pony newcomers.— 1&2, Freddie The Star & Errigal Blaze (L Jones); 3, Tequila Splash (A Pritchard).

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