All natural wormer

  • Equiverm, a new herbal wormer offers an alternative answer to parasite control

    Equiverm is a new 100% herbal wormer made from the roots of 12 different plants, including wormwood, the combination of which has been formulated to help horses repel parasites from their body.

    This naturally appetising wormer, which won’t disturb the natural gut flora, can be used throughout the year or substituted as part of a conventional worming routine and complies with all current FEI and Jockey Club rules.

    Administered either in the horse’s feed or mixed with water in a syringe, a five-day course should be repeated every eight to 12 weeks.

    Cost at around £26 per three horse serving (approx £8.66 per horse)

    For more information contact Horse Health Products (UK) Ltd (tel: 01798 875337)

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