All in a day’s work: Aromatherapist

  • Nayana Morag is an aromatherapist with a difference – using essential oils and her skill from 20 years of working with animals to ease everyday ailments that have even baffled some vets.

    A few drops of neroli oil, for example, and some soothing words have often worked wonders.

    “Neroli is essential to those who have lost a companion or who have sadness to the heart,” explained Nayana, who runs a counselling service and aromatherapy instruction at their home near Hemyock in Devon.

    “I started working with problem horses 20 years ago, and then treating them with oils more recently. I took a course in aromatherapy and started instructing other people how to use the natural oils as a form of alternative medicine.

    “People come to me with all types of animals and problems, from lame horses to itchy cats and dogs. I usually find some way to help them.”

    Nayana says that the theory is the same as that used in aromatherapy to treat humans – it is just the type of oiland the way that it is administered that is different.

    “Some animals or birds like to simply smell the oil, others like to taste it,and cats and dogs might enjoy having it rubbed into their tummies,” she said.

    “People are delighted when they find out they can use natural oils to sort out their pets’ problems.”

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