All comfort bridle

  • The design of Albion’s new KB bridle eases pressure on the horse’s poll, which may help reduce resistance between horse and rider

    Albion has launched a new bridle, which it claims to be the “most revolutionary and innovative bridle for generations”.

    Developed following research by Olympic team trainer, Klaus Balkenhol, the KB bridle is designed to ease the burden on the horse’s sensitive poll and ears.

    The top of the headpiece is cushioned to spread the pressure. The new type of headpiece includes the throatlash, as on a conventional bridle, plus a strap which the noseband, rather than the bit, is attached to.

    The bit’s cheek pieces are attached to the bridle via a second “headpiece”, which lays over the main headpiece, dispersing the weight of the bit over as large an area as possible.

    The browband is generously sized to ensure the bridle is not pulled forward to press on the base of the ears.

    Available in cob, full and warmblood sizes, in either black or havana brown. Riders can choose between working/competition and luxury quality leather with rubber or nubuck lined reins.

    Cost from £150 including reins.

    To find your nearest Albion retailer visit www.albion-saddlemakers.co.uk or call (tel: 01922 646210).

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