Affordable and inspirational audio downloads for riders

  • Sound Schooling audio lessons are designed to listen to on an MP3 player while you’re riding. They can help if you’ve ever found it difficult to think up ideas for your schooling sessions, want to learn or practice new movements, or simply to have an expert voice in your ear to add variety, structure and discipline to your riding.

    Lessons from list 1 British Dressage judge and trainer Kim Ratcliffe include:

    • Basic warm-up
    • Developing suppleness and impulsion
    • Working from behind
    • Test preparation and warm-up

    There’s also music to ride to from Tom Hunt, who produced Charlotte Dujardin’s gold medal-winning freestyle composition in the London 2012 Olympics, plus new non-ridden dressage downloads including “starting dressage to music” and “what the judge is looking for”.

    See the whole range of downloads at www.soundschooling.com

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