Addington showjumping results, 26-29 April 2012

  • EquestrianClearance.com newcomers.– 1, Real Favourite (K Ford); 2 & 3, Nikolai II & Cabri Bell (E McGlynn). H&H Foxhunter.– 1, Billy The Biz (P Funnell); 2, Champion II (R Snaddon); 3, Punta II (R Prater). Halsall Electrical B&C.– 1, Billy Balou (P Funnell); 2, Veuve Caretino (T Page); 3, Billy Laden (W Funnell). Country Equestrian 1.25m.– 1, Wyoming (T Page); 2, Cella Lucia (D Burnham); 3, Arthur G (P Spivey). Thermohomes Europe Ltd/Laura Tinto of HBF Equestrian 1.30m.– 1, Quiberon D (A Craig); 2, Aristo Z (B Maher); 3, Quentin Tarantino (T Page). Country Equestrian 1.25m.– 1, Trevoulter Lady Utah (H Webster); 2, Uttah Van Het Indihof (E-J Slater); 3, Caprea Z (M Thompson). Addington Manor EC HOYS talent seekers.– 1, Don VHP Z (L Pavitt); 2, Billy Mexico (D Moseley); 3, Billy Laden. 1.35m.– 1 & 3, Aristo Z & Quiet Easy 4 (B Maher); 2, Caritiar Z (P Miller). EquestrianClearance.com newcomers.– 1, Jako III (D Farnsworth); 2, Baquito II (S Harrison); 3, Billy Cuckoo (P Funnell). H&H Foxhunter/grade C.– 1, Foxglade Little Lady (A Bradstock); 2, Billy Boundary (P Funnell); 3, Floriana (H Tredwell). EquestrianClearance.com newcomers.– 1, Armani Z II (A Botham); 2, Billy Halla (W Funnell); 3, Smirnov (P Spivey). H&H Foxhunter.– 1, Desert Storm (A Albaitony); 2, The Maharanee (K Ford); 3, Concordia II (H Tredwell). Halsall Electrical B&C.– 1 & 2, Leucojum & Cartana Z (H Tredwell); 3, Billy Laden. Country Equestrian 1.25m.– 1, Simply Billie Bunter (E-J Slater); 2, Velin Du Houssoit (D McCoppin); 3, Wonderful IV (V Attwood). Thermohomes Europe Ltd/Laura Tinto of HBF Equestrian 1.30m.– 1, About Time V (P Crago); 2, Quentin Tarantino; 3, Wonder Why (S Roe). EquestrianClearance.com newcomers.– 1, Ferndale Special K (T Page); 2, Symphony Flight (S Reddrop); 3, Coy Z (R Prater). H&H Foxhunter/grade C.– 1, Punta II (R Prater); 2, Luiville (V Attwood); 3, Goya (P Howard). Country Equestrian 1.30m.– 1, Cartana Z; 2, California II (R Hill); 3, Champion II (R Snaddon). KBIS British nov.– 1, Tribbiani D (J Elder); 2, Papillion H (R Snaddon); 3, Supernova III (A Simon). Tri-Zone Airlite discovery.– 1, Ancona P (S Reddrop); 2, Back To Black II (L Humphrey); 3, Treliver Desdemona (R Parker).

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