125 prize giveaway winners

1. A pair of Tretorn boots from Charles Owen: Ms Lynne Turner

2. An Aerborn turnout rug: Ms Heather Scott

3. 10 sets of rosettes from T&A Rosettes: Miss Frances Norton

4. 125 days’ supply of Baileys feed: Ms Sue Broome

5. A luxury healthcare kit from Robinsons Animal Healthcare: Mrs Jules Redfern

6. A lesson with Mike Jackson plus Dengie feed: Mrs Alison Faulkner

7. A Harry Hall Hemsted jacket: Mrs P Patterson

8. A Borstiq Banana grooming kit from Clippersharp: Dr Scott Panter

9. Five bottles of Vine Herbal Products Calmer: Miss Alice Watson

10. A year’s supply of Mobility Horslyx: Mrs Jane Gibbs

11. Six bags of Alpha Junior & Active Field Nuggets: Mrs Joan Hollands

12-17. A family ticket for ‘We Are The Champions!’ tour: Miss Heather Llanwarne, Ms Samantha Laing, Mr Austen Lewis, Ms Judy Jones, Ms Liana Robinson, Ms Verona Pettigrew

18. A pair of Cavallo hoof boots, plus pastern wraps and gel pads from Jeffrey Newnham Farrier Services: Miss Helena Dowsett

19. One pallet of Koala bedding from Cole Hay: Miss Wendy Sutton

20. V-15 portable pressure washer from Mobi: Ms C Atkinson

21. A year’s supply of Suppleaze Gold: Miss Jeni Dawson

22. A year’s supply of Globalvite: Mrs Rebecca Evans-Woodward

23-24. Premium three-step mounting block from Classic Showjumps: Ms Hazel Withers, Miss Martina Loughran

25. A Rhino Plus Turnout Heavy rug from Horseware: Mrs Rosie Shaw

26-30. Five tubs of Badminton Tasty Treats: Mrs Joanne Beale, Ms Kate Lingwood White, Miss Abigail Brain, Mrs Kim Gordon, Ms Anna Ward

31. Six tubs of TopSpec 10:10 Joint Support: Mrs Rachel Uden

32. Limited edition ‘Peekaboo’ print by Sally Lancaster: Miss Carol Rose

33-34. Two KBIS saddlecloths: Mrs Cynthia Barton, Mrs Michelle Thorpe

35-39. An equestrian charm bracelet from Hi Ho Silver: Miss Sharon Middleton, Ms Serena Parkhouse, Miss Kristine Johnson, Mrs Sandra Hardy, Ms N Egaily

40-44. A Dodson & Horrell jacket, bag of pasture mix, bag of Chudleys Choice and bucket: Mrs Marilyn Richardson, Ms Cassandra McDowall, Ms Jody Dickinson, Miss Jenny Shaw, Mrs Joanna Rimmer

45. A lesson with Gareth Hughes from Amerigo Saddlery: Mr Peter Arnold

46. A pair of Jameson boots from Le Chameau: Ms Rita Young Jones

47. A Tiffany quilted jacket from Tottie: Ms Julia Furness

48. Six months’ supply of Blue Chip Joint RLF: Ms Rosemary Tillson

49. An outdoor Equi-Shower from FMBs: Ms Claire Heppenstall

50-54. A year’s British Horse Society membership: Mrs Joanna Brookes, Miss Elyssa Noble, Mrs Nicola Bowen, Ms Jenny Hanson, Mrs Lesley Leng

55-56. A selection of grooming products from Absorbine: Mrs Caroline Scott, Ms Helen Webber

57. A £200 safari voucher from Zara’s Planet: Mrs Anna Malcolm

58-59. Three Equissage saddlecloths: Mrs Karen Pease, Ms Kate Beech

60. 12 equestrian DVDs from Equestrian Vision: Miss Sarah Howarth

61. Five bags of Equilibra 500 from GWF Nutrition: Mrs Lesley Davis

62. A Gilinix signature tweed gilet: Mr Simon Moore

63. Set of four Eskadron Pro Safe Memo boots and headcollar from Belstane: Miss Jessica Wilson

64-65. A box of Nupafeed Staying Power: Miss Marie Carter, Ms Joanna Newitt

66. A bag of Mobile Bones from Pooch & Mutt: Mrs Hazel Allan

67. An Easibed jacket: Miss Karen Bateman

68. A warm-up show rug from King Smith Designs: Mrs Sara Christmas

69. Framed limited edition 11.15am print plus £100-worth of Christmas cards from Sally Mitchell Fine Arts: Miss Sarah Aston

70-72. Saddle pads from PolyPads: Mrs Claire Wappat, Miss Zoe Adey, Ms Rachel Fitzhugh

73. Three Fieldguard rubber horse ties: Miss Carrie Childs

74. A bit from Neue Schule: Mrs V Fieldsend

75. A hamper of supplements from Horse First: Ms Sarah Peacock

76. A year’s supply of probiotics from Protexin: Mrs Joanna Collins

77. 12 bags of feed from British Horse Feeds: Miss Linda Whetton

78. A Buster Trio Complete Rugging System from Premier Equine: Mrs Frances Stroud

79. Groomers shampoo and coat-care bundle: Mrs Rachel Fisher

80. Five bags of Readigrass and a jacket from Friendship Estates: Miss Hayley Webster

81. A Kan body protector from Kan Teq: Miss Kate Conway

82. A Caldene Olympia jacket: Miss Nina Peake

83. A Gabriella Shaw kitchen set: Mrs Barbara Thompson

84. Three pairs of gaiters from Golly Galoshes: Mrs J V Bufton

85. An Equimax rug from Virbac Animal Health: Lady Pebbles Poyser

86. A miniature travel set and stable rug from the Equine Clothing Company: Mrs Ninette Page

87-88. A lesson with Ruth Edge plus Airowear safety kit: Miss Marie McDonald, Ms Sara Chandler

89. A Waterboy horse wash: Mrs Nicola Moon

90. 20 bags of Ryegrass HorseHage: Mrs Cheryll Grove Price

91. A bag of Lingold and Equibuilda feeds from Gravenhorse Feeds: Mrs A Hobbs

92. A year’s supply of Cortaflex from Equine America: Ms Samantha Fieldsend

93-94. A pair of LaCrosse rubber boots with socks and rubber conditioner: Mr Tom Pease and Ms Harriet Gibson

95. A Regal Light stable rug from Masta: Mrs L D Brodie

96. Equetech bespoke tail coat: Ms Verity Clarke

97. Horse and dog fleece lapel rugs from Polly Products: Ms Amanda Tapp

98. A family ticket for Olympia: Mr Andrew Hindley

99. A deluxe picnic set from Petplan Equine: Miss Lucy Edwards

100. Eskadron show rug from Oberon Equestrian: Ms Sarah Montgomery

101. Framed limited edition Mars print by Terry Kirkwood: Miss Rachel Burger

102. A year’s supply of feed from Spillers: Ms Deborah Lowe

103. A year’s supply of supplement from NAF: Ms Karen Barker

104. A lesson with Phoebe Buckley plus Maxavita goodies: Ms Sue Jago

105. A Pro Air Point Two air jacket: Mrs Ruth Horrocks

106. A sterling silver horseshoe pendant from Tail End Jewellery: Miss Rosie Acton

107. A set of Mark Todd leather tendon and fetlock boots from Westgate EFI: Miss Jodie Goodchild

108. A Jaguar dressage bridle: Miss Jane Watkin

109. A year’s Sport Horse Breeding (GB) membership: Mrs Caroline Hytch

110-114. A Turnout Lite rug with detachable neck cover from Rainbow Equine: Mrs Catherine Lewis, Miss Nancy Homewood, Miss Alison Mashiter, Mrs Nicola Golding, Ms Claire Smith

115. Six months’ supply of Nedz Advance bedding: Mrs Sandra Clarke

116. An outfit from Justtogs: Mrs Fiona Riley

117-119. A Bucas Shamrock Power rug: Mrs Sally Beedham, Mr W Arundel, Mrs Fi Boughton

120. Xoaam natural horsemanship kit: Ms Vera Beech

121. A Cottage Craft padded bridle: Mrs A Church

122. A Kolibri breastplate from Devoucoux: Mrs Anna Achow

123. A Toggi Balmoral wax jacket: Mrs Deborah Shaw

124. A bottle of champagne from Rural Scene: Miss Kath Gregory

125. An Ariat outfit from Horse And Outdoor: Mrs Patricia Green

All prize winners have already been contacted — please do not call Horse & Hound if you see your name on this list

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