As of the 1st June 2016, Horse & Hound Compare site will be closing. For information on a current insurance policy you may have taken out through Horse & Hound Compare and for details of renewals and policies, please contact your insurance provider direct.

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  • This was a really easy to use service. I dread renewal but this made it really easy and pain free and even saved me 50% off my premium.
    - Amy Francis
  • It was a time saving exercise and saved me some money in the process, so very worth while.
    - Liz
  • I have already recommended this service to a friend.
    - Julia Mangan
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Horse Insurance

If you are looking to insure your horse or pony, we can help whatever their value, age or discipline.

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Protect your horsebox by selecting a policy developed with your needs in mind.

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Rider Insurance

Injuries happen around horses so compare prices from leading equestrian personal accident insurers.

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