The British endurance squad for Normandy is a mix of experienced and young riders

Italian Equestrian Federation has said that no federation rules were broken

Pierre Arnould

Endurance whistleblower expelled by FEI [H&H VIP]

A national coach who spoke out about equine welfare concerns in the sport has been removed from the FEI endurance technical committee

thin endurance horse Compiegne

French endurance vets’ open letter [official English translation]

Read the official English translation of the open letter written by vets who officiated at the Compiegne endurance event in May 2014

Bahrain screen shot

Bahrain endurance rider suspended for 2 months [H&H VIP]

A Bahrain endurance rider has been banned for 2 months after 2 yellow cards

The revised rules will be implemented on 1 August, rather than waiting to voted on at the FEI general assembly in December

America’s leading endurance vet has entered into the row, disputing the FEI’s claim that the horse was not “metabolically compromised” by his body condition

Golden horseshoe Endurance 2008

Chairman resigns from Endurance GB

Karen Collier becomes the second high-profile departure from EGB in the last 7 months

FEI Endurance Session-29April2014

Endurance rules to be beefed up [H&H VIP]

“Bold steps” to help improve the welfare of horses in international endurance events have been revealed by the FEI

Sheikh Mohammed

Endurance ‘clean up’ task force has own clean up [H&H VIP]

Two senior aides of Sheikh Mohammed have been dropped from the new task force charged with “cleaning up” endurance and his funding will no longer be accepted, following an embarrassing FEI climbdown last week