More World Equestrian Games ticket woes

  • Further grumbles regarding the ticketing system for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG) in Normandy have emerged.

    Several readers contacted H&H frustrated to find no allocated seating for the Games.

    One branded it “a massive fail”.

    “This strikes me as hugely lazy on the part of the organisers and will cause chaos at the event, as people try to get seats with their friends and family,” pointed out H&H reader Rachel Hendry.

    “There are six of us travelling together and we expect to be seated together. At no point was there any mention of the seating being a free-for-all.”

    Fellow reader Mary Stratford was also frustrated, as she was having problems getting a response from organisers. Lynda Cooper had similar issues, calling the process “fairly chaotic”.

    However, a spokesman for WEG told H&H fans need not fret.

    “People have chosen blocks and categories,” she said. “All the seats in the block will be similar in terms of vision, but nobody will have an allocated seat number.

    “You will not have to arrive very early to have a better seat, because a seat will be equivalent to another in the same block.”

    They also confirmed that e-tickets could now be printed and that paper tickets would be sent out at the end of June.

    The ticketing process has been fraught with problems, including a slow website and tickets selling out for sessions within hours, with fans calling it “farcical”.

    For more information visit: www.normandy2014.com

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