Below are details of the confirmed horses and riders who have been selected for dressage squads at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, North Carolina (11-25 September 2018). Updates will be added to this page as they become available.

Each country can send a squad of four riders with three scores to count in the team competition. All riders will also compete as individuals. If a country is unable to field a team, then it can send up to two individuals.

Great Britain

  • Charlotte Dujardin with Mount St John Freestyle
  • Emile Faurie with Dono Di Maggio
  • Carl Hester with Hawtins Delicato
  • Spencer Wilton with Super Nova II


  • Isabell Werth with Bella Rose
  • Sönke Rothenberger with Cosmo
  • Dorothee Schneider with Sammy Davis Jr
  • Jessica von Bredow-Werndl with Delera BB

United States

  • Laura Graves with Verdades
  • Adrienne Lyle with Salvino
  • Kasey Perry-Glass with Goerklintgaards Dublet
  • Steffen Peters with Suppenkasper

The Netherlands

  • Edward Gal with Glock’s Zonik
  • Hans Peter Minderhoud with Glock’s Dream Boy
  • Emmelie Scholtens with Apache
  • Madeleine Witte-Vrees with Cennin


  • Patrik Kittel with Deja and Well Done De La Roche CMF
  • Therese Nilshagen with Dante Weltino OLD
  • Juliette Ramel with Buriel KH
  • Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén with Don Auriello and Paridon Magi


  • Daniel Bachmann Andersen with Blue Hors Zack
  • Cathrine Dufour with Atterupgaards Cassidy
  • Betina Jaeger with Belstaff
  • Anders Dahl with Selten HW


  • Beatriz Ferrer-Salat with Delgado
  • Severo Jurado Lopez with Deep Impact
  • Claudio Castilla Ruiz with Alcalde
  • Juan Matute Guimon with Quantico


  • Kristy Oatley with Du Soleil
  • Mary Hanna with Boogie Woogie 6
  • Alexis Hellyer with Bluefields Floreno
  • Brett Parbery with DP Weltmieser


  • Jeroen Devroe with Eres DL
  • Fanny Verliefden with Indoctro Van De Steenblok
  • Jorinde Verwimp with Tiamo
  • Laurence Roos with Fil Rouge


  • Miguel Ralão Duarte with Xenofonte d’Atela
  • Maria Caetano with Coroado
  • Daniel Pinto – Santurion De Massa
  • Vasco Mira Godinho with Bariloche JGR


  • Leandro Aparecido da Silva with Dicaprio
  • João Victor Marcari Oliva with Xiripiti
  • Giovana Prado Pass with Zingaro De Lyw
  • Pedro Manuel Tavares de Almeida with Aoleo


  • Masanao Takahashi with Rubicon
  • Kazuki Sado with Barolo
  • Shingo Hayashi with Clearwater
  • Kiichi Harada with Egistar


  • Caroline Hãcki with Rigoletto Royal CH
  • Antonella Joannou with Dandy De La Roche CH
  • Estelle Wettstein with West Side Story
  • Birgit Wientzek Pläge with Robinvale


  • Evgenija Davydova with Awakening
  • Tatyana Kosterina with Diavolessa VA
  • Inessa Merkulova with Mister X
  • Elena Sidneva with Fuhur


  • Jill Irving with Degas
  • Megan Lane with Zodiac MW
  • Belinda Trussell with Tattoo
  • Brittany Fraser with All In


  • Riccardo Sanavio with Glock’s Federleicht
  • Pierluigi Sangiorgi with Gelo Delle Schiave


  • Judy Reynolds with Vancouver K


  • Inna Logutenkova with Fleraro


  • Caroline Chew with Tribiani

South Africa

  • Gretha Ferreira with Lertevangs Lavinia


  • Christian Zimmermann with Roble


  • Ellesse Tzinberg with Triviant

New Zealand

  • Julie Brougham with Vom Feinsten


  • Ismail Jilaoui with What A Feeling

South Korea

  • Dong-Seon Kim with Bukowski

Hong Kong

  • Jacqueline Wing Ying Siu with Ferrera


  • Joanne Vaughan with Elmegardens Marquis


  • Emma Kanerva with Heartbreaker


  • Maria Florencia Manfredi with Bandurria Kacero


  • Julio Cesar Mendoza Loor with Chardonnay


  • Annabelle Collins with Joyero VG

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