World Equestrian Games 2018 dressage riders, squads and teams

Below are details of the confirmed horses and riders who have been selected for dressage squads at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, North Carolina (11-25 September 2018). Updates will be added to this page as they become available.

Each country can send a squad of four riders with three scores to count in the team competition. All riders will also compete as individuals. If a country is unable to field a team, then it can send up to two individuals.

Great Britain

  • Charlotte Dujardin with Mount St John Freestyle
  • Emile Faurie with Dono Di Maggio
  • Carl Hester with Hawtins Delicato
  • Spencer Wilton with Super Nova II


  • Isabell Werth with Bella Rose
  • Sönke Rothenberger with Cosmo
  • Dorothee Schneider with Sammy Davis Jr
  • Jessica von Bredow-Werndl with Delera BB

United States

  • Laura Graves with Verdades
  • Adrienne Lyle with Salvino
  • Kasey Perry-Glass with Goerklintgaards Dublet
  • Steffen Peters with Suppenkasper

The Netherlands

  • Edward Gal with Glock’s Zonik
  • Hans Peter Minderhoud with Glock’s Dream Boy
  • Emmelie Scholtens with Apache
  • Madeleine Witte-Vrees with Cennin


  • Patrik Kittel with Deja and Well Done De La Roche CMF
  • Therese Nilshagen with Dante Weltino OLD
  • Juliette Ramel with Buriel KH
  • Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén with Don Auriello and Paridon Magi


  • Daniel Bachmann Andersen with Blue Hors Zack
  • Cathrine Dufour with Atterupgaards Cassidy
  • Betina Jaeger with Belstaff
  • Anders Dahl with Selten HW


  • Beatriz Ferrer-Salat with Delgado
  • Severo Jurado Lopez with Deep Impact
  • Claudio Castilla Ruiz with Alcalde
  • Juan Matute Guimon with Quantico


  • Kristy Oatley with Du Soleil
  • Mary Hanna with Boogie Woogie 6
  • Alexis Hellyer with Bluefields Floreno
  • Brett Parbery with DP Weltmieser


  • Jeroen Devroe with Eres DL
  • Fanny Verliefden with Indoctro Van De Steenblok
  • Jorinde Verwimp with Tiamo
  • Laurence Roos with Fil Rouge


  • Miguel Ralão Duarte with Xenofonte d’Atela
  • Maria Caetano with Coroado
  • Daniel Pinto – Santurion De Massa
  • Vasco Mira Godinho with Bariloche JGR


  • Leandro Aparecido da Silva with Dicaprio
  • João Victor Marcari Oliva with Xiripiti
  • Giovana Prado Pass with Zingaro De Lyw
  • Pedro Manuel Tavares de Almeida with Aoleo


  • Masanao Takahashi with Rubicon
  • Kazuki Sado with Barolo
  • Shingo Hayashi with Clearwater
  • Kiichi Harada with Egistar


  • Caroline Hãcki with Rigoletto Royal CH
  • Antonella Joannou with Dandy De La Roche CH
  • Estelle Wettstein with West Side Story
  • Birgit Wientzek Pläge with Robinvale


  • Evgenija Davydova with Awakening
  • Tatyana Kosterina with Diavolessa VA
  • Inessa Merkulova with Mister X
  • Elena Sidneva with Fuhur


  • Jill Irving with Degas
  • Megan Lane with Zodiac MW
  • Belinda Trussell with Tattoo
  • Brittany Fraser with All In


  • Riccardo Sanavio with Glock’s Federleicht
  • Pierluigi Sangiorgi with Gelo Delle Schiave


  • Judy Reynolds with Vancouver K


  • Inna Logutenkova with Fleraro


  • Caroline Chew with Tribiani

South Africa

  • Gretha Ferreira with Lertevangs Lavinia


  • Christian Zimmermann with Roble


  • Ellesse Tzinberg with Triviant

New Zealand

  • Julie Brougham with Vom Feinsten


  • Ismail Jilaoui with What A Feeling

South Korea

  • Dong-Seon Kim with Bukowski

Hong Kong

  • Jacqueline Wing Ying Siu with Ferrera


  • Joanne Vaughan with Elmegardens Marquis


  • Emma Kanerva with Heartbreaker


  • Maria Florencia Manfredi with Bandurria Kacero


  • Julio Cesar Mendoza Loor with Chardonnay


  • Annabelle Collins with Joyero VG

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