Bluffers’ guide to dressage at WEG

  • As we countdown to the FEI World Equestrian Games, we bring you all you need to know about each of the equestrian sports.

    What’s the format?

    All competitors, whether they are part of a team or riding as individuals, take part in the grand prix. This happens across two days, 12 and 13 September.

    Teams are made up of three or four riders, with the best three scores to count in teams of four. The grand prix alone decides the team medals.

    On 14 September the best 30 individual combinations from the grand prix will contest the grand prix special, which is another set test. If there is a tie for 30th placed, all those combinations qualify.

    If all four riders from one team qualify for the special, they are all permitted to take part. This test decides the first set of individual medals.

    Finally, on 16 September, the best 15 riders from the special — including any tied for 15th place — contest the freestyle, or kür. A maximum of three riders from any one nation are permitted in the kür. The results of this test decide the second and final set of individual medals in the WEG dressage competition.

    Riders start with a clean sheet in both the special and the freestyle. Results from previous rounds of the competition are not brought forwards.

    How does the scoring work?

    Dressage scores are expressed in percentages, with the highest percentage winning.

    The world record in grand prix is 87.129% (set by the British rider Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro in April 2014). Scores in the grand prix special are usually comparable to in the grand prix, but freestyle scores are often higher as they are marked in a different way and include strong weighting towards the inventiveness of the choreography and for the music.

    If a rider makes an error of course in the grand prix or the special, two marks are deducted from each of the seven judges.

    Teams consist of four riders and the best three scores count.

    How many medals are there and when are they awarded?

    There is one set of team medals and two sets of individual medals.

    • Team medal: 13 September
    • Individual special medal: 14 September
    • Individual freestyle medal: 16 September

    Who is representing Britain?

    Details of who has been selected for the British squad will be released in due course.

    Do they have a chance?

    This section will be updated once the British squad has been announced.

    When will H&H report it?

    H&H’s dressage reports from WEG will run in 20 September issues of the magazine.

    We will also carry reports, pictures and video online throughout the competition. Find all our online WEG coverage here >>

    For an early look at the WEG venue, turn to p34 of 18 January issue of Horse & Hound magazine. The full WEG preview will be on sale on Thursday 6 September.

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