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Polo ponies are often likened to racing cars — travelling down the field at lightning speed and appearing to stop and turn at the touch of a button.

But how does a polo player fare when he swaps his four-legged horsepower for something with four wheels? And how does a racing driver — who hasn’t ridden since he was seven-years-old — get on when he swaps a gear stick for a polo stick?

McLaren racing driver Euan Hankey introduces England polo player George Meyrick to the McLaren Sports Series 570S parked at the Top Gear track in Dunsfold. “Just don’t make me feel too sick,” is George’s plea, as he tries to navigate the tight turns.

And when it comes to Euan climbing aboard polo pony Mickey at Ash Farm in Surrey, there are some equally bumpy moments — fast forward to 1.04mins for his lowlight…

“What’s your throttle pedal here, how do you make it go?” says Euan. “I have not been on a horse in a really long time, so I hope you are not trying to stitch me up here!”

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