Humberts National Championship team chasing results, 29 March

  • Humberts National Team Chase Championships. —1, Art Hotel Chasers (S Myhill, H Moodie, R Cope, B Allen) 4.13.36; 2, TopSpec Hair Raisers (A&A Brown, P Thomason, P Still) 4.19.20; 3, Relentless Fight the Ban (B Pauling, R Cope, R Mason, D Gittins) 4.21.36; 4, Berkeley R Us; 5, Coltsfoot Cunning Stunts; 6, The Wasps; 7, Foxberry Chasers; 8, Wishful Thinkers; 9, Odds & Sods; 10, Centaurs. Intermediate. —1, Wishful Thinkers Too ( S Coady, S Radbourne, L Siedel) 246.51; 2, Court Flyers (C&A Marston, J Manicom, A Hayes) 2.55.57; 3, The Adventurers (J Knowles, L Fear, D Hockridge, D Hall) 2.69.73; 4, Humberts Hagglers; 5, Cut & Laid; 6, Why Worry There’s Hope. Hunt. —1, Essex Mucking Fuddle (A Smith, B Langley McKim, B O’Connor, O Finnegan) 2.63.97; 2, Warwickshire (J Pritchard, B Way, E Chamberlain, L Grundy) 2.64.38; 3, Cottesmore Chasers (C Bell, R Walker, Z Gibson, Z Wise) 270.16; 4, Worcestershire Wanderers; 5, Wheatland Flyers; 6, Mid Surrey Drag. Novice (Bogey time). —1, Saucy Worcesters (A Shaw, G & N Pettite, C Martin-Smith); 2, More Cunning Stunts ( S Tideswell, S Pilling, G Sherwin, T Woodward); 3, Spare Stunts (E Burton, T Woodward); 4, Fernie Doe Lookers; 5, Cobley Transports Awesome Foursome; 6, Merrills Mix and Match.

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