Heythrop team chasing results, 23 March

  • Heythrop Team Chase, Chadlington, Oxfordshire, 23 March
    Humberts Open Qualifier.— 1, Odds & Sods (G Lockwood, H Moodie, R Cope, K Purcell) 3.02.67; 2, Boring Gorings (F French, L Adams, T Vestey, B Allen) 3.10.95; 3, Teme Valley Tigers (S Myhill, B Pauling, Y Goss, B Allen) 3.20.90; 4, The Easter Bunnies; 5, Wishful Thinkers Too; 6, Chilled Out Chasers. intermediate.— 1, Wacky Racers (V Skade, B Furnell, D Watts, E Cotterill) 2.41.85; 2, www.thehuntingground.net (T Goulding, L Thomas, J Bradley, G Dibble) 2.48.38; 3, Hamptons Hedgehoppers Too (M Williams, M Harding, E Frampton, M Slingsby) 2.51.58; 4, The Mixed Pack; 5, Buster Marquees; 6, Wishful Thinkers. fun (bogey time).— 1, Berkshire Belles (L Cranham, H Eastham, N Healey); 2, Bacon & Eggs (N Bacon, S Kelly, T Williams, G Weaver); 3, Monmouthshire Misfits (S Canning, S Cragg, G Hickmott, J Yeomans); 4, Hare’um Scare’um; 5, Hamptons Hedgehoppers Three; 6, Cotswold Vale Vixens.

    Read the full report from the Heythrop team chase in Horse & Hound, on sale 27 March, ’08

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