Essex & Suffolk Hunt team chasing results, 2 November

  • Humberts open qualifier.— 1, Relentless Fight the Ban (B Pauling, M Stewart-Wood, R Mason, R Cope) 5.50.20; 2, Lycetts Class Act (A Shipley, S Robbins, J Rugman, C Alexander) 6.22.61; 3, Art Hotel Chasers (H Moodie, R Cope, A Bealby, B Allen) 6.27.36. nov fastest.— 1, Mucking Fuddle (B O’Connor, B Mansworth, N Cook, A Smith); 2, (D & S Manning, M Cramb, A Brown); 3, Buster Marquees More Details To Follow (P Iken, D Manning, M Hilton). nov bogey.— 1, Beauties On Their Beasts (L Browne, H Rix, K Twin, P Kent); 2, Ew-Wat (N Ewers, A & L Watson); 3, There Go The Girls (L Brown, S & H Cranfield).

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