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    Insurance isn’t just useful for horses who need the vet. It can provide cover for equestrians when you’re in the saddle – and when you’re unfortunate enough to fall out of it.

    Horse riding is not a sport without risk, so whether you’re an accomplished amateur who’s been riding and competing regularly your whole life or an enthusiastic novice who’s excited to get started, you’ll know that there is a chance you’ll come a cropper at some point, despite all best intentions. 

    As well as providing protection for horses, The Insurance Emporium offers protection for horse riders. The cover includes serious injury, such as loss of sight, hearing or limbs, as well as dental treatment. 

    Insurance allows you to protect yourself with public liability and personal accident cover, so you can continue to do the thing you love whether you own a horse or not. This is especially important in the current climate where almost one in five horse owners have had to consider making difficult decisions, such as giving up their horse, according to a survey conducted by the National Equine Welfare Council in 2023.

    Providing peace of mind

    Horse riders can benefit from rider insurance should they wish to take it out. In the same way that insuring a horse can reduce stress in the event of an accident, rider cover gives you – and your family – the peace of mind that you’re covered if things take a turn for the unexpected.

    There are a range of options when it comes to rider insurance. To keep things simple,The Insurance Emporium offers two slightly different policies for adults and children, Francis Martin, CEO of The Insurance Emporium, explains.

    “Riding is a sport for all ages to enjoy, so our policies cover equestrians aged five to 75. Both adult and junior policies include emergency veterinary fees for external, visible, accidental injuries that occur while riding, public liability, personal accident, custodial liability, saddlery and tack and dental treatment related to riding accidents,” Francis adds, noting that the junior policy for riders under 18 also includes private tutoring fees should the rider be unable to attend school or college following a riding accident.

    Riders under 18 can be covered by the junior policy

    “We know how important your favourite riding boots are, so you can add optional clothing cover for up to £500, which also includes body protectors, hats, jackets and breeches.”

    Francis also recommends checking the policy wording and product information for full details of the benefits, limitations and exclusions before taking out an insurance policy.

    Not just for owners

    Rider cover may be suitable for equestrians who loan, share, take lessons or occasionally ride friends’ horses for pleasure rather than having their own.

    “Whether or not you own a horse, our rider only insurance policies will also include some emergency cover for the horse you’re riding, should they need it in the event of an accident,” Francis adds. “You deserve as much consideration as your horse and in the future you may thank yourself for it.”

    For more information on rider insurance policies, visit theinsuranceemporium.co.uk

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