York & Ainsty Team Chase results, 24 February

  • YORK & AINSTY TEAM CHASE Grafton, 24 February
    nov. 1, Foxy Flyers (K Bell, J Gillam, O Gillam, S Pickard) 5.09.07; 2, Jolly Rogers (S Spink, R Atkinson, R Queen, H Norrie) 5.06.55; 3, Flying Fairies (E Randerson, H Chapman, C Umpleby, M Borrowdale) 5.08.92; 4, Bilsland; 5, Howlanda; 6, Pennine Vieq Voyagers. allcomers. 1, R&R Wasps (P Andrews, S Chadwick, T Kaye, M Howland) 4.58.57; 2, Foxberry Chasers (S Metcalfe, K Milner, G Bland, C Gibbon MFH) 5.10.86; 3, More Details To Follow (D Manning, S Manning, A Pacey, N Bilsland) 5.53.20; 4, The Saddleworth Hillbillies (C Illingworth, L Illingworth, J Bullen, J Wager) 5.55.71; 5, Alpha 2nd (R Turner, L Thomas, J Bevan, S Gill) 5.55.73; 6. The Original Bramham Moor Dog 3 Bitches (C Gill, A Johnson, G Fox, E Bostock) 5.55.78.

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