Trec results June ’04

  • Bodmin BHS TREC, Bolventor, Bodmin, Cornwall, 6 June

    Level 1 individual 1, Solaire (S Smith); 2, Bracken (G Derryman); 3, Ramone (R Charlsworth). Level 1 pairs 1, Tempo |(L Pile) & Madam (M Golds-Teague); 2, Black Maverick (Z Hyslop) & Stan the Man (D Rundle).

    WYNNSTAY FARMERS BHS TREC WELSH CHAMPIONSHIPS, Oswestry Equestrian Centre, Shropshire, 12-13 June

    Wynnstay Farmers Level 4 individual 1, Dark Legend (M Myers); 2 & best PRA, Chance (M Jacob); 3, Cathelyd Black Boy (A Weston). Wynnstay Farmers Level 3 individual 1, Chloe (S Perks); 2, Thunderer (D Foulds); 3 & best PRA, Hannah (S Roberts). Wynnstay Farmers Level 3 pairs 1, Cayuga County (D Hawkins) & Indian Tree (K Newman); 2, Feeling des Cades (D Rogerson) & Second Edition (S Rogerson); 3, Max (N Robinson) & Connie (I Macalindin); best PRA, Go Bananas (S Thurnell) & Cobnut (L Hine). Ashby House Young Riders 1, Stormhill Electra (D Samuel); 2, Dolce (A Wells). Performance Equestrian Level 2 individual 1, Zara IX (V Warren); 2, Spice of Life (L Mabbitt); 3 & best PRA, Walbro Lucky Jim (F Thurnell). Wynnstay Farmers Level 2 pairs 1, Jake (C Hird-Rogers) & Linford (E Greenwood); 2 & best PRA, Red Arctic (C Pollard) & Willoway Wendy (S Pollard); 3, Dawn (D Longley) & Rio (M Longley); best PRA, Mulligan (L Rowe). Wynnstay Farmers Team Challenge 1, Treccing Tykes (C Hird-Rogers, E Greenwood, S Rogerson & D Rogerson); 2, Three Counties Mounties (D Hawkins, K Newman, T Wall & J Barnett); 3, More Grindles Girls & a Boy (Isobel France, R Wilmot, L Rowe & L Benyon). Cwmfforest Awards best hired horse Brenfield Prince (L Holden) & George (R Lewis).

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