The College endurance results, 18 September, 2011

  • British Riding Clubs National Endurance Team Final.– 1, Delamere Foresters (J Stewart, T Deeprose, A Boothroyd); 2, East Cheshire (P Guerin, S Williams, J Wyatt, A Rayment); 3, Cambridge Royals (K Tyrell, J Fricker, R Casbon, S Swanson). Pony Club Endurance Championships nov: jnr team.– 1, Old Surrey & Burstow Hunt (C Moore, O Homan, E Cording, C Vickery); 2, HH (Z Park, A Moffat, G Allen, G Lunn). ind.– 1, Tilly (F Green, Holcombe Hunt); 2, Jerry (O Homan, Old Surrey & Burstow Hunt); 3, Pippa I (C Vickery, Old Surrey & Burstow Hunt). snr team.– 1, HH (E Davies, M Gibbons, O O’Carroll). ind.– 1, Mouse (G James, Essex Farmers); 2, Spot The Difference (I Wilson, Holcombe Hunt); 3, Silver Dollar (E Davies, HH). int: snr team.– 1, South Dorset Hunt (J, G & M Morris). ind.– 1, Elayla (K Bedwin, Lord Leconfield); 2, Donatello’s Sweet (L Turton, Lancaster & District); 3, Trio Of Colour (T Wheldon, Bramham Moor Hunt). open: snr team.– 1, Bedale & West Of Yore (H Brown, H France, E Pierson, L Sutcliffe); 2, Whaddon Chase (B & R Parsler, P Alexander, H Sadler). ind.– 1, Dot Com (H France, BWY); 2, Tomorrow’s Promise (E Harris, Cumberland Foxhounds); 3, Stadmorslow Red (H Brown, BWY). jnr ind.– 1, Joyces Choice (H Maskell, Whaddon Chase); 2, Blaze IV (K Naysmith, Whaddon Chase); 3, Angelina Ginny (K Mellor, United Pack).

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