Taunton Vale team chasing results, 18 March 2012

  • Novice (bogey).– 1, Pistol Knights Again (C Selley, G Selley, S Wright); 2, Charters Angels (J Bristow Roome, N Wood, C Tucker, H Jarvis); 3, A Rose Between Three Moores ( L Moore, M Moore, D Moore, R Vere-Nichol); 4, One Man and His Bitches; 5eq, Balls of Steal & Upton Pyne Wishful Thinkers. intermediate (bogey).– 1, Malibu Barbies (K Harris, D Whitfield, A Whitfield, L Gilby); 2, Taunton Vale Young Thrusters (T Vacher, G Preston, I Gooding, H Webb); 3, Berkeley Bankers (P Hopkins, S Vatcher, M Rowe); 4, Steady Neddies; 5, The Hunting Hunnies; 6, US 4. intermediate (speed).– 1, Art Hotel Racers (C Davey, S Myhill, G Wright, M Mather) 5.11.93; 2, Wishful Thinkers Too (S Coady, E Wass, L Sanderson) 5.25.09; 3, Verdina’s Angels (S Jukes, S Bragg, T Milne, S Jones) 5.27.5; 4, Simple Systems Happy Slappers; 5, Berkeley Blazers; 6, Simple Systems Happy Hackers. open.– 1, Relentless (R Cope, B Pauling, D Gittins, W Grant) 5.41.75; 2,Art Hotel Chasers (S Myhill, Y Goss, H Moodie, L Siedel) 5.44.00; 3, Point Two TopSpec Hair Raisers (A Brown, A Brown, L Brown, P Thomason) 6.10.75; 4, Wishful Thinkers; 5, Dr Cook’s Quit the Bit; 6, ROR Lycetts A Class Act.

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