Riding Clubs Dressage to Music Championships results, 3-4 October

  • Snr nov with points.— 1, Stig Of The Dump (J Fearn, East Yorkshire) 75.7; 2, Renkum Raphael (C Marston, Stoneleigh) 74.1; 3, Vic D’Or (R Cullen, South Devon) 73.5. no points.— 1, Sienna Sunset (A Luscombe, South Devon) 75.6; 2, Afondale (J Thomas, Shropshire South) 73.6; 3, Tropicana (E Grant, North East (SCO)) 72.7. snr pairs.— 1, Cambridge (J Lawrence, E Taylor) 73.1; 2, South Cheshire (G Radcliffe, J Davies) 72.3; 3, South Durham (H Mercer, C Tough) 71.5. elem.— 1, Tregurtha Nacy Jenkin (E Cleverdon, South Devon) 72.3; 2, The Merchant Of Venice (H Reed, Elstead) 72.3; 3, Iouar Bonheddwr (L Davis, Towy Valley) 72.1. jnr nov with points.— 1, Der Silberner Prinz (E Cloake, Aspley Guise) 76.8; 2, Yarty Welsh Jack (O Thornton, Mid Devon) 72.1; 3, Kilncopse Fly By Night (C Kennard, New Forest Pony Enthusiasts) 63.5. no points.— 1, Jimmy (P Carter, Farnham) 68.6; 2, Brysmith Ironspirit (E Cloake) Aspley Guise 68.1; 3, Ollie (P Kitcher) Vectis 67.2. quadrille qualifiers.— Wey Valley (J davies, C May, S Whittaker, P Young); Bromyard (A Bliss, S Watson, P Jones, S Sneyd); Moat View (N Murrell, J Cocker, R Williams, A Williams); Saffron Walden (C Engelmann, S Engelmann, V Palmer, J Hood).

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