Pytchley team chasing results, 14 October 2012

  • Novice (bogey time).-1, Farriers Fortune Legover Ladies (L Harris, S Gilkes, E Brown, A Brown); 2, Fitz Glitz (S Hanson, W Hanson, P Stewell, S Morgan); 3, Wetherley Wanderers (L Harris, G Hilton Jones, L Docker, C Mann); 4,Tally Ho Fillies And Ginge; 5, Half Wits; 6, GLS. intermediate.-1, Wishful Thinkers Too (S Coady, E Wass, L Sanderson, C Seymour-Williams) 4.10; 2, Art Hotel Racers (S Myhill, G Wright, H Moodie, C Davey) 4.18; 3, Wishful Thinkers (S Coady, C Seymour-Williams, W Grant, S Newton) 4.23; 4, Boring Gorings; 5, Stunts That Can’t Be Made; 6, Bollocks To Bits. Material Change open.-1, Relentless (R Cope, P Mason, D Barratt, W Grant) 4.49.95; 2, Equiform Farmers Bloodhounds (G Wright, C Davey, C Nicholls, H Watson) 5.01.63; 3, Cunning Stunts (P Buckley, B Furnival, D Watts, S Tideswell) 5.05.30; 4, Boring Gorings; 5, Art Hotel Chasers; 6, Point Two TopSpec Hair Raisers.

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