P-P results – 14-18 February 2001

  • MUSSELBURGH 14 February


    1 Galway (IRE) (Jurado USA) (Mrs J K Powell & Mrs M Scudamore), 12-00 T Scudamore
    2 Trade Dispute (IRE) (G Tuer), 12-00, fav G Tuer
    3 La Riviera (IRE) (J Hogg), 12-00 Miss P Robson
    Also: Son Of Anshan 11-09 (4), Blyth Brook, 12-00 (5), Fordstown (IRE), 11-07 (6), Mandalay Man (IRE), 11-07 (pu).7 ran. 2l, 15l, 3l, dist, dist. 6min 15.9s. TOTE: £2.70; places £1.90,£1.10 Ex:£9.60 CSF:£3.90. SP: 9-4. (Cotswold).

    FAKENHAM 16 February


    1 Justin Mac (IRE) (Satco FR) (Mrs C Shaw), 11-07 B Shaw
    2 My Shout (Mrs D P G Flory), 11-07 R Cope
    3 Sursum Corda (M Ward-Thomas), 11-11 C Ward-Thomas
    Also: Sarahs Sunset (IRE) 11-02 (4), Cahors (IRE), 11-07, bl (f), Caracol, 11-07 (pu), Larrys Lord (IRE), 11-07 (ur), Night Irene (IRE), 11-05, 1ow, fav (pu), Tubber Roads (IRE), 11-09 (ur), Vital Issue (IRE), 12-03 (pu).10 ran. dist, 13/4l, 13l. 6min 03.7s. TOTE: £26.00; places £6.00,£1.60,£1.90 Ex:£252.70 CSF:£112.17. SP: 25-1. (Wheatland).

    SANDOWN16 February


    1 Lifes Work (Lyphento USA) (M S Gorman), 11-08, jfav M Gorman
    2 Epsilo De La Ronce (FR) (S Flook), 11-03 M Trott
    Also: Ajar (IRE) 11-08 (ur), Arleneseoin (IRE), 11-13, jfav (f), Reign Dance, 11-05 (pu), Spring Saint, 11-11, tt (pu), Stormy Session, 11-12 (ref), Swansea Gold (IRE), 11-10 (ur), Veredarius (FR), 11-07 (pu).9 ran. 17l. 6min 04.5s. TOTE: £3.00; places £2.80,£3.10 Ex:£27.10 CSF:£31.69 Tri:£20.20 (4+7+any). SP: 3-1. (Crawley & Horsham).

    GRANTA HARRIERS,Higham, 17 February

    149 OPEN MAIDEN 56&7yo 12st

    1 Have-No-Doubt (IRE) (Glacial Storm USA) (L Dace) A Hickman
    2 Glass Breaker (C J Hays) N King
    3 Rain Delay (Mrs N Pollock) T Lane
    Also: African Leader (IRE) (pu), Dreamisle, 5a, bl (f), Grey Fusilier (IRE) (pu), Henry Tartar (ur), Hes A Lad, fav (f), Itsmyturnnow (IRE) (pu), Marmalade Mountain (pu), Play Alone (IRE), 5a (pu), Professor Tag (IRE), 3ow (ur), Spikey Passage, 8ow (pu), Stick Or Bust (pu).14 ran. dist, dist. 6min 15.0s. TOTE: £7.20 DF:£87.00 (1&3). SP: 3-1. (O. Surrey & Burstow).

    150 MENS OPEN

    1 The Auctioneer (Neltino) (C Bazley & Mrs P Rowe), fav R Cope
    2 Sorcerers Drum (IRE) (S J Stearn) R Stearn
    3 Pangeran (USA) (Mrs A J McVay & R Oliver Smith) N King
    Also: Tell The Nipper (IRE) (4), Dockmaster (5), Ballygar Boy (IRE), 1ow (pu), Barna Boy (IRE) (f), Edens Close (pu), El Rubio, vis (pu), Lake Of Loughrea (IRE) (pu), Society Lad (IRE) (pu), Spuffington (ur), Still In Business (ur), Tight Fist (IRE) (pu), Who Am I (IRE) (ur).15 ran. 1l, 1/2l, dist, 1l. 6min 15.0s. TOTE: £2.20 DF:£32.00. SP: 5-4. (Pytchley).

    151 RESTRICTED, 12st

    1 Labula Bay (Sula Bula) (H R Cook) D Dunsdon
    2 Daydreamer (USA) (A Hickman (Guy Fawkes Partnership)), fav A Hickman
    3 Larkus Aurelius (IRE) (P A Bull, Mrs S Lloyd & Mrs E Howe69) P Bull
    Also: Ar Aghaidh Abhaile (IRE) bl (4), Ardluck (5), Just The Business, 3ow, bl (6), Harry Tartar (7), As You Like It (USA) (pu), Ciceros Law (IRE) (ur), Colemore Green (pu), Dons Delight (IRE) (ur), Eveies Boy (IRE) (pu), Florida Jacko (IRE) (ur), Glad All Over, 5a (f), In The Stocking (IRE) (f), Mossy Buck (IRE) (ur), Pull On (bd), Royal Way (IRE) (ro), Timeforanother, 5a (pu).19 ran. 6l, 10l, 15l, 4l, 6l, 10l. 6min 17.0s. TOTE: £11.60 DF:£12.50. SP: 8-1. (Staff College).


    1 Noyan (Northern Baby CAN) (H R Cook), 7x, fav Miss A Deniel
    2 Bitofamixup (IRE) (M Roberts), 7x Miss C Jiggins
    3 Thurles Pickpocket (IRE) (Miss J S Stevens), 4x Mrs S Hodge
    Also: General Assembly (IRE) 4x (4), Premier First (IRE) (5), Cracking Idea (IRE), 7x (6), Island Vision (IRE) (7), Abuljjood (IRE) (8), Dawn Alert (IRE), 7x (f), Red Channel (IRE) (pu), Thatcham Island, 5a, 7x (f), The Cockertoo (pu).12 ran. dist, 1/2l, 25l, 1l, 10l, dist. 6min 09.0s. TOTE: £2.40 DF:£7.00. SP: 4-6. (Surrey U.).


    1 Posh Spice (IRE) (Neshad USA) (H R Cook), 5a D Dunsdon
    2 Denarii (IRE) (Ms A E Embiricos), 5a Miss L Cowan
    3 Ballyquintet (IRE) (A H B Hodge), 5a N Bloom
    Also: Call The Tune 5a (4), Appley Dapply, 5a (5), Bottle Party, 5a (pu), Cinnamon Club, 5a (f), Plessey Rose Lee (IRE), 5a (pu), Stormy Words, 5a, fav (f), Worthy Memories, 5a (pu).10 ran. 5l, 10l, 2l, dist. 6min 17.0s. TOTE: £2.40 DF:£46.00. SP: 7-4. (Surrey U.).

    154 HUNT

    1 Leap Frog (Gildoran) (M Grange) M Grange
    2 Campbellhill (IRE) (Mrs M Sharland & H Hill) A Williams
    3 Spittal Beck (A & Mrs S Humphrey), fav A Humphrey
    Also: Adare Queen (IRE) 5a (4), Fair Storm (IRE) (pu), Little Bonza, 5a (pu).6 ran. 2l, 5l, 6l. 6min 41.0s. TOTE: £2.60 DF:£4.50. SP: 2-1. (Fitzwilliam).

    OXFORD UNIVERSITY HUNT CLUB,Kingston Blount, 17 February

    155 CONFINED,12st

    1 Freedom Fighter (Fearless Action USA) (Mrs R Gasson) A Martin
    2 The Barge (IRE) (K Murphy (The Barge Partnership)), bl, fav Julian Pritchard
    3 Rough Tiger (IRE) (Mrs V McKie) T Illsley
    Also: Stay Lucky (NZ) (4), Encima Del Rio (IRE) (5), Its Murphy Man (6), The Hatcher (NZ), 3x (7), Penlet (8), Castle Shelley (IRE) (ur), Cloak And Dagger (pu), Credo Is King (IRE) (pu), Derryair (f), Lottie The Lotus, 5a (ur), Red Lane (pu).14 ran. 1l, 12l, 1l, 3l, 20l, 1/2l, s hd. 6min 38.0s. SP: 7-2. (Farmers Bloodhounds).

    156 LAND ROVER MENS OPEN, 12st

    1 Romany Chat (Backchat USA) (Mrs R Gasson) A Martin
    2 High Alltitude (IRE) (Miss S J Crew) A Charles-Jones
    3 Gillmar (FR) (M P & Mrs G Wiggin), 7x, fav R Burton
    Also: Ballymaloe Boy (IRE) 7x (pu), Chummys Saga, 7x (pu), Grecian Star (f), Inch Fountain (IRE), 3x (f), Northern Yarn (IRE), vis (pu), Samba Sharply, tt (ur).9 ran. 1/2l, 4l. 6min 31.5s. SP: 14-1. (Farmers Bloodhounds).


    1 Bankhead (IRE) (Roselier FR) (Mrs N F Williams), bl, fav Miss C Spearing
    2 My Best Man (A Hill) Mrs T Hill
    Also: Grain Hill 5a, bl (ur), Quite A Miss, 5a (pu).4 ran. 6l. 6min 40.0s. SP: 1-7. (Croome & W. Warwicks).


    1 Wrens Island (IRE) (Yashgan) (C M Gee), fav D Barlow
    2 All Weather (M S Wilesmith) M Wilesmith
    3 Second Amendment (Sir Michael Connell), 5a J Oldring
    Also: Find Out More (IRE) bl (4), Royal Orchard (5), Court Thyne (IRE)(ur), Highland Jack, bl (s).7 ran. 3l, 2l, 20l, dist. 6min 50.0s. SP: 5-4. (V. of Aylesbury).

    159 RESTRICTED,12st

    1 Bright Beacon (Lighter) (Mrs P Tollit) E Williams
    2 Gue Au Loup (FR) (M P & Mrs G Wiggin), fav R Burton
    3 Cascum Lad (IRE) (M Keen), 4ow M Keen
    Also: Grand Canyon (IRE) (4), Captain George (5), Beyond The Stars (f), Blue Chip (IRE), 5a (pu), Dynoun, bl (pu), Hils Bluff (IRE), 5a (f), Logical Step (IRE) (pu), Musical Hit (pu), Red Hot Gossip (IRE) (f), Tellaporky (pu), Twotensforafive (pu), Uncle Billy (IRE), bl (pu).15 ran. 5l, 15l, 11/2l, 20l. 6min 34.0s. SP: 7-1. (Glamorgan).

    160 CONFINED MAIDEN (Div I), 12st

    1 Virac Boy (IRE) (Tremblant) (R A Instone) M Foley
    2 Bramley (C Marriott) A Martin
    3 Climb The Hill (IRE) (A Wheeler & P Stolwood) S Joynes
    Also: Stratton Flyer 5a (4), Ashby Brook (IRE) (ur), Bobby Blakeney (pu), Crewski (ur), Stocks ‰n Shares, 12a, 4ow, fav (pu).8 ran. 12l, 4l, 2l. 7min 01.0s. SP: 7-2. (O. Berks).

    161 CONFINED MAIDEN (Div II), 12st

    1 Bob Knows (Robellino USA) (Mrs R Gasson) A Martin
    2 Wood Buzzard (Miss S Widdicombe) E Walker
    Also: Ballysillan (IRE) (pu), Byedali, 5a (f), Colemans River (IRE), 2ow (pu), Evenkeel (IRE) (ur), Highfield Gent (IRE), fav (f), Hobgoblin (pu), Northern Prince (pu), The Chain Gang (f).10 ran. 20l. 6min 49.0s. SP: 3-1. (Farmers Bloodhounds).

    SINNINGTON,Duncombe Park, 17 February

    162 HUNT

    1 Colonel Blazer (Jupiter Island) (Miss S Fenwick), 7x D Easterby
    2 Total Relief (Mrs B Till), fav Miss S Brotherton
    3 Dromore Dream (IRE) (F S & Mrs J M Newitt) S Swiers
    Also: Curtainsatchopwell (IRE) (4), Allthewayfromtuam (IRE), 5a (pu), Karenas Lass, 5a (pu), Mr Norm (pu), The Hazel Harrier (IRE) (f).8 ran. 5l, 15l, 7l. 6min 35.0s. SP: 3-1. (Sinnington).

    163 CONFINED12st

    1 Concerto Collonges (FR) (El Badr) (O R M Hartley), 7x, fav R Hartley
    2 Olympic DOr (IRE) (R Morley) JMorley
    3 Just Coming (R G P Mason) C Mulhall
    Also: Brighter Shade (IRE) 7x (4), Pharlindo (IRE) (5), Gudlage (USA), 7a (6), Kybos Revenge (IRE) (7), Marble Man (IRE) (8), Mr Mccarney (IRE), 3x (9), Flip The Lid (IRE), 5a (pu), Happy Medium (IRE) (pu), Harbour Blaze (IRE) (pu), Nishkina (pu), Rising Talisker, 5a (pu).14 ran. 2l, 6l, 2l, 11/2l, 4l, 10l, 20l, dist. 6min 41.0s. SP: 2-1. (Middleton).


    1 Hazel Reilly (IRE) (Mister Lord USA) (J Mackley), 5a L Bates
    2 Tricky Trevor (IRE) (J S Delahooke) Miss H Delahooke
    3 Wills Perk (IRE) (T R Oates), 5a, fav T Oates
    Also: Primitive Man (4), Sassy Street (IRE) (5), Deer Park Lass (IRE), 5a (6), Wandering Wild, 5a (7), Notoobig, bl (8), Fiery Jack (pu),Jac Del Prince (pu), Millstone Hill (pu), Mount Faber, bl (pu), Son Of Sam (f).13 ran. 1/2l, 10l, 2l, 12l, 10l, 1l, 25l. 6min 44.0s. SP: 8-1. (S. Durham).

    165 LAND ROVER MENS OPEN, 12st

    1 Blank Cheque (Idiots Delight) (J J Coates) D Coates
    2 Jr-Kay (IRE) (N W A Bannister) L Morgan
    3 Howayman (Mrs A Waggott), 7x, fav K Anderson
    Also: For Cathal (IRE) (4), Red Spectacle (IRE), 7x (5), Road By The River (IRE) (6), Shining Light (IRE) (7).7 ran. 4l, nk, hd, 30l, 1l, 20l.6min 46.0s. SP: 8-1. (Pendle Forest & Craven).


    1 Balisteros (FR) (Bad Conduct USA) (Mrs B K Thomson), fav Miss P Robson
    2 Nova Nita (R Black), 5a Mrs V Jackson
    3 Mr Freebie (DEN) (Mrs R L Banks) Mrs F Needham
    Also: Miss Accounts (IRE) 5a (4), Brush With Fame (IRE) (5), Marius (IRE) (ur), Private Jet (IRE) (pu).7 ran. 1l, 3l, 10l, 2l. 6min 41.0s. SP: 4-7. (Berwicks).

    167 OPEN MAIDEN (Div I)

    1 Running Mute (Roscoe Blake) (J E M Vestey), fav Miss P Robson
    2 Durham Dandy (Miss J E Foster), 7a Miss J Foster
    3 Crimson Brocade (N D Tutty), 5a N Tutty
    Also: Bobby Wonder (4), Harvestman (5), Princess Derry, 5a (6), Tell Me Another (IRE) (7), Oaklands Jimmy (8), Two Of Diamonds (9), Bred For Pleasure, 5a (pu), Buckskin Boy (IRE) (pu), Buddy Girie (pu), Fryup Digital (pu), Script For Life (IRE) (f), The Shy Padre (IRE) (pu).15 ran. 2l, 15l, 8l, 2l, 8l, 4l, 25l, 20l. 6min 48.0s. SP: 3-1. (Jedforest).

    168 OPEN MAIDEN (Div II)

    1 The Other Eye (IRE) (Looking For) (M Jackson) D Thomas
    2 Ailsae (K Foster), 5a G Brewer
    3 Shylock (IRE) (Mrs C A Coward), jfav D Easterby
    Also: Galaxy Minstrel (IRE) (4), Red Spice (5), Nomadic Star (6), Aughrim Quest (IRE), 5a (7), Lanigan (IRE) (8), Strong Blade (IRE) (9), Borleagh Pilot (IRE) (pu), Evenin All (IRE) (ur), Gunna Be King (pu), Native Call (IRE) (ur), Oaklands Millie (IRE), 5a (pu), Sul Fosso (pu).15 ran. 3l, 20l, 1l, 4l, 20l, 6l, 3l, hd. 6min 50.0s. SP:9-2. (Middleton).

    169 OPEN MAIDEN (Div III)

    1 Havetwotaketwo (IRE) (Phardante FR) (Mrs S E Mason) D Easterby
    2 Watacon (M J Brown) G Brewer
    3 Avenel (Mrs M Wilson), 5a, fav T Oates
    Also: Hot Move (4), Dawn Predator (IRE)(f), French Bell, 5a (f), Go Go Barney (ur), Little River (IRE) (ur), Nampara Cove (pu), Norman Way (pu), Petrico (bd), Primitive Light, 5a (ref).12 ran. 6l, 12l, 15l. 6min 55.0s. SP: 5-2. (Middleton).

    SOUTH POOL HARRIERS,Buckfastleigh,17 February 170 HUNT

    1 Swincombe (IRE) (Good Thyne USA) (T J Whitley) Miss T Cave
    2 Thinking Twice (USA) (J Chaffey (Thinking Partnership)), fav M Sweetland
    3 Bomba Charger (Mrs R Welch & Mrs D J Treneer) G Welch
    Also: Wise Florizel (4).4 ran. 4l, 2l, dist. 6min 19.5s. SP: 9-4. (Dart V.H. & S. Pool H.).

    171 MENS OPEN

    1 Aberfoyle Park (IRE) (Riverhead USA) (A J Sendell), fav R Walford
    2 Tasmin Tyrant (NZ) (Mrs C Egalton) L Jefford
    3 Miss OGrady (IRE)(Mrs J M Miller), 5a M Miller
    Also: Prince Sandrovitch (IRE) (4), Hanging Grove (IRE) (5), Noddadante (IRE) (6), Dromhana (IRE), 1ow (7), Cool Character (IRE) (8), Owenbwee (IRE) (9), Charlie Strong (IRE) (ur), Friar Waddon (ur), Morning Mist (IRE)(ur), Younico (ro).13 ran. 1l, 4l, 3l, 15l, 5l, 20l, 1/2l, 10l. 6min 21.1s. SP: 4-5. (Portman).

    172 CONFINED MAIDEN (Div I), 12st

    1 Travelling Jack (Lyphento USA) (M Rowe) J Young
    2 John Robin (Exors of the late S H Sweetland), fav M Sweetland
    3 Alice Sunrise (Mrs J M Greed), 5a G Richards
    Also: Country Madam 5a (4), Saucys Wolf (5), Newlyn (6), Minstrals Boyo (7), Eagle Eye Boy (pu), Here Comes The Sun, 5a (ref).9 ran. 1/2l, 10l, 4l, 10l, 21/2l, 4l. 6min 27.6s. SP: 12-1. (Eggesford).

    173 CONFINED MAIDEN (Div II), 12st

    1 Father Jim (Seymour Hicks FR) (Mrs G M Brake) J Young
    2 Duke Of Albany (IRE) (Mrs E Kelvin-Hughes), fav C Heard
    3 Carefree Love (IRE) (H Wakeham) Richard Darke
    Also: Stormhill Warrior (4), Runaway Man, tt (5), Little Miss Oats, 5a (6), Lagham Lad (ur), Mr Bumble (pu).8 ran. 1/2l, 1/2l, nk, 15l, 15l. 6min 30.8s. SP: 6-1. (Eggesford).

    174 RESTRICTED (Div I), 12st

    1 The Stuffed Puffin (IRE) (Cataldi) (C Brake) Miss S Rowe
    2 Gypsy Haze (Mr & Mrs P Dando), 5a J Jukes
    3 Wait For This (IRE) (J B Radford & M Lavis) L Jefford
    Also: Baldhu Jack (4), Pendragon (5), County Bash, 5a (6), Nearly Fair, 5a (7), Danny Dolittle (IRE) (8), Drumbanes Pet (9), Bonny Rigg (IRE), 5a (pu), Crewman (IRE) (pu), Jabiru (IRE), fav (f), Mos Keliro, 5a (pu), Youmeandhim (IRE) (pu).14 ran. 1l, 6l, 8l, 6l, 6l, 8l, 30l, 20l. 6min 21.6s. SP: 33-1. (Taunton V.H.).

    175 RESTRICTED (Div II), 12st

    1 Longstone Lad (Pittacus USA) (R & Mrs C Woollacott), cfav R Woollacott
    2 Damiens Pride (IRE) (Mrs S J Batchelor) T Dennis
    3 Lincoln Place (IRE) (A J Scrimgeour) M Miller
    Also: Sporting Chance (4), Lady Buckland, 5a (5), Budghill, cfav (f), Cades Bay (f), Gambling Man (pu), Henrys Song (ur), Justabbi, 5a (pu), Posh As You Like, cfav (pu), Sprightley Pip (IRE), cfav (bd), Wild Oscar (IRE) (pu).13 ran. 5l, 10l, 8l, 21/2l. 6min 19.6s. SP: 7-2. (Exmoor).


    1 Garolo (FR) (Garde Royale) (Miss S L Samworth) Miss S Samworth
    2 Cardinal Gayle (IRE) (Miss A Findlay, H Harper & Hon Miss D Harding) Miss D Harding
    3 Hobbycyr (FR) (R G Kelvin-Hughes) Miss P Gundry
    Also: Sir Frosty, tt (4), Rasta Man (5), The Bold Abbot (6), Lead Story (IRE) (7), Tom Snout (IRE) (8), Ifallelsefails (pu), Spartans Winney, 5a (pu), Tinotops, fav (pu), Total Joy (IRE) (ur).12 ran. 1/2l, 3l, 21/2l, 6l, 20l, 2l, 11/2l. 6min 11.6s. SP: 5-2. (O. Berks).

    177 CONFINED, 12st

    1 Sailors Folly (IRE) (Roselier FR) (R G Kelvin-Hughes), fav Miss P Gundry
    2 Ticket To The Moon (Mrs J Scott), 5a A Farrant
    3 Solomans Sister (Mrs S E Turner), 5a Mrs M Hand
    Also: Fossy Bear 5a (4), Younico, 5x (5), Blue Doctor (pu), Durnford Bay (IRE) (f), Garnwin (IRE) (pu), Grooving (IRE) (f), Swift Venture (IRE), 3x (pu), Willie B Brave (IRE) (pu).11 ran. 10l, 4l, 10l, 6l. 6min 16.4s. SP: 7-4. (Spooners & W. Dartmoor).

    BURTON,Market Rasen, 18 February

    178 HUNT, 12st

    1 Sovereigns Match (Royal Match) (J M Robinson), 3x M Mackley
    2 Trial And Error (Mrs S A Mollett) K Green
    Also: Eves Treasure 5a, 3x, fav (f). 3 ran. 8l. 6min 43.0s. SP: 6-4. (Burton).

    179 OPEN MAIDEN (Div I), 12st

    1 Polar Party (Arctic Lord) (R J Armson), 5a R Armson
    2 Kilbyrne John (IRE) (Mrs E Holmes & Mrs H M Harvey) M Mackley
    3 Petrea (Mrs E C York), 5a, fav G Brewer
    Also: Monsieur Mossiman (4), Sabre Drom, 5a (5), Mr Peoples (IRE) (6), Ron On The Run (IRE) (7), Moon Island, 5a (8), Bit Of Krystle, 5a (pu), Chergale (IRE), 5a (pu), Grannies Delight (IRE) (pu), Jambo Bwana (pu), Old King Coal, 7a (pu), Perrianna, 12a (ur), Purple Jean, 5a (ur), Sixmile River (IRE), 5a (f).16 ran. 25l, hd, 15l, 4l, 6l, 3l, 2l. 6min 35.0s. SP: 5-1. (Quorn).

    180 OPEN MAIDEN (Div II), 12st

    1 Intrepid Gal (Terimon) (Mrs S Deacon & N Pomfret), 5a T Lane
    2 Imlak (IRE) (Miss J E Moore) S Walker
    3 Slobadam (J M Robinson) M Mackley
    Also: Buster Teeton (4), Thunderbird, 5a, fav (5), You Be King (6), Captain Oates (ur), Crawfordstowncross (IRE) (pu), Emperors Son (ur), Just Hoping (f), Lulagh-B, 5a (pu), Mighty High, 12a (pu), Rising Dawn (IRE) (pu), Sail On By, 5a (pu), Torymac (IRE) (pu).15 ran. 1/2l, 5l, 2l, 15l, 6l. 6min 38.0s. SP: 16-1. (Fernie).

    181 OPEN MAIDEN (Div III), 12st

    1 Toy Story (FR) (Fijar Tango FR) (P Clifton), 7a M Nicolls
    2 The Burglar (IRE) (K Needham) K Needham
    3 Geomar (G W Singleton (First Past The Post Racing Club)) Miss A Armitage
    Also: Brother Harry (4), Captains Table (f), Flying Story, 5a (pu), Galley Gap (IRE), 12a (pu), Morning Mover (IRE), fav (s), The Wasp (IRE) (ur), Timothy George (IRE), b,tt (pu), Wotstheproblem (pu).11 ran. 8l, 7l, 8l. 6min 48.0s. SP: 12-1. (Holderness).

    182 OPEN MAIDEN (Div IV), 12st

    1 Stars (Neltino) (Mrs S Thompson & Mrs J Goedhuis), fav R Barrett
    2 Mighty Rising (P W Clifton) M Nicolls
    3 Mullensgrove (D Lowe) J Docker
    Also: Francophile (IRE) (4), Bold Caste (IRE) (ur), Brave Jeanie, 5a (pu), Carr Dyke Castle (pu), Erins Surprise (IRE), 7a, 2ow (pu), Fancy A Buck, 5a (pu), High Nessie, 5a (pu), Infiraaj (USA) (pu), Just Plain Sailing (pu),Keefis Baby (IRE) (pu), Legal Treaty (f), Mademist Jaz, 5a (pu), Native Call (IRE) (f).16 ran. 1/2l, 7l, dist. 6min 47.0s. SP: 9-2. (Pytchley).

    183 RESTRICTED, 12st

    1 Fine Times (Timeless Times USA) (J M Robinson) M Mackley
    2 Gymcrak Gorjos (M Jackson), 5a, fav D Thomas
    3 Fortune Hunter (IRE) (M J Norman) M Barnard
    Also: C L B Jemilla 5a (4), Gerry And Tom (IRE) (5), Primitive Charles (6), Energy Man (pu), Henna Dawn, 5a (f), Nautical Lad (pu), Ninians Whip, 5a (pu), Sands Point (pu), Squaddie (pu), The Big Lad (IRE) (pu).13 ran. 3l, 20l, 8l, 10l, 15l. 6min 42.0s. SP: 4-1. (Burton).

    184 LAND ROVER MENS OPEN, 12st

    1 Secret Bay (Zambrano) (Mrs J A Bowen), 7x, fav R Cope
    2 Matchless (G Harvey (TheMatchless Group)), 7x E Andrewes
    3 Music Therapy (IRE) (C J Stockton) N Kent
    Also: Jack The Td (IRE) (4), Highbeath, 7x (5), Cottage Craft, 7x (pu), Midnight Service (IRE), bl (pu), Miss Danbys, 5a (pu), Royal Hand, 7x (s).9 ran. 5l, 10l, 3l, 2l. 6min 42.0s. SP: 4-9. (Pytchley).


    1 Upham Lord (IRE) (Lord Americo) (Mrs E W Wilson), bl Mrs J Dawson
    2 Linlathen (Mrs S Hutchinson), fav Miss G Hutchinson
    3 Macfin (IRE) (T M Fowler) Miss L Allan
    Also: Racing Hawk (USA) (4), Henry Heald (pu), Hotspur Street, bl (f), Winged Whisper (USA) (pu).7 ran. dist, 8l, dist. 6min 41.0s. SP: 2-1. (Brocklesby).

    186 CONFINED, 12st

    1 Silver Groom (IRE) (Shy Groom USA) (Ms K Barron & Mr T D Rose),fav M Nicolls
    2 Deel Quay (IRE) (M G Chatterton) M Chatterton
    3 Courage Under Fire (T P Radford) M Mackley
    Also: Ardeal 5a (4), Final Beat (IRE) (5), Inch Cross (IRE) (6), Malawi (7), Baron Allfours (pu), Mr Primetime (IRE) (ur).9 ran. 4l, 6l, 10l, 3l, 1l, 12l. 6min 42.0s. SP: 2-1. (Holderness).


    187 CONFINED, 12st1 Alsina (Alias Smith USA) (P D Innes) T Oates
    2 Don Carlos (J T H Ainslie), fav L Morgan
    3 Tarajan (USA) (T Butt) A Richardson
    Also: Houselope Beck (4), Allrite Bonny Lass, 5a (5), The Green Fool, 3ow (6), Buckshee (IRE) (7), Rallegio (8), Falcons Flame (USA) (9), Bourbon Dynasty (FR) (f), Fearless Brave (pu), Sallys Twins, 5a (pu), Senso (IRE) (ur), Touchez Du Bois (IRE) (pu), Wudimp (pu).15 ran. nk, 6l, 7l, 1/2l, 8l, 12l, 1/2l, 1/2l. 6min 42.0s. SP: 10-1. (Buccleuch).


    1 Dun Rose (Roscoe Blake) (Mrs P Claxton (Dun Rose Partnership)), 5a Miss S Forster
    2 Mr Goodbye (IRE) (Mrs P M Shirley-Beavan) C Shirley-Beavan
    3 Little Brockwell (IRE) (Miss L Philipson), 5a, fav Miss P Robson
    Also: Dennett Lough (IRE) (4), Keepers Call (IRE) (5), Red Gauntlet (6), Trivial (IRE), 5a (7), Scrabo View (IRE) (8), Tabriz, 5a (9).13 ran. 2l, 21/2l, 1/2l, 1/2l, 1/2l, 8l, 1/2l, 1/2l, 1/2l, 1/2l, 1/2l, 1/2l. 6min 46.0s. SP: 5-1. (College V. & N. Northumberland).

    189 RESTRICTED, 12st

    1 Arctic Star (Polar Falcon USA) (V Thompson) M Thompson
    2 Go Nomadic (D G Atkinson) P Atkinson
    3 Border Glory (Hon G Maitland-Carew) P Maitland-Carew
    Also: Commanche Scout (IRE) (4), The Peeler (IRE) (5), How Burn (6), Another Wagon (IRE) (7), Anotherhandyman (pu), Boulta (IRE) (pu), Cottage Counsel (IRE) (ur), Harry Laws (pu), Luvly Bubbly (pu), Merry Noelle, 5a (pu), Prince Of Perils (ur), Roscoe Burn (pu), Shay Gap (IRE) (pu), The Other Half (pu).17 ran. s hd, dist, 4l, 1/2l, 10l, 12l. 6min 40.0s. SP: 10-1. (Percy).


    1 Riparius (USA) (Riverman USA) (Mrs S Atkinson (The Star Group)), fav Miss P Robson
    2 Rainbow Times (IRE) (Mrs J M Lancaster), 5a, 3ow Miss S Forster
    3 Nosmo King (IRE) (R Kendall) MissB Kendall
    Also: Storm Alive (IRE) (4), Bertie OToole (5), Commanche Creek (pu), Craigdale (f), Harleyburn, bl (ur), Miss Portcello, 5a, 3ow (pu).9 ran. 9l, 10l, 4l, 6l, 20l. 6min 39.0s. SP: evens. (Morpeth).


    1 Noble Hymn (Arctic Lord) (Mrs C M Mulhall) C Mulhall
    2 What A Fiddler (IRE) (J S Haldane), fav T Davidson
    3 Royal Pass (C Storey (Should Be Fun)) C Storey
    Also: Slip Away (4), High Hopes (5), Primitive Way (6), Basil Street(IRE) (7), Lindon Run (pu), Needsmoretime (IRE) (pu), Press To Sting (pu).10 ran. 11/2l, 8l, 10l, 12l, nk, 8l, 12l. 6min 41.0s. SP: 5-2. (York & Ainsty S.).

    192 MENS OPEN

    1 Makin Doo (IRE) (Black Minstrel) (R G Makin) C Mulhall
    2 Fiscal Policy (A R Trotter) A Trotter
    3 Geordies Express (G T Bewley) T Davidson
    Also: Manver (IRE) vis (4), Riverside Run (IRE) (5), Cool Yule (IRE) (6), Lottery Ticket (IRE) (7), Andy Burnett (IRE) (pu), Childsway (pu), Dnaan (IRE) (pu), Just For Ger (IRE) (f), Madmans Mirage (FR), bl (pu), Mullingar (IRE) (ur), Sail On Sid (pu), Steel Rigg (IRE) (pu).15 ran. 3l, 3l, 6l, 10l. 6min 42.0s. SP: 4-1. (York & Ainsty S.).

    193 OPEN MAIDEN MARES, 12st

    1 Lady Persia (IRE) (PersianMews) (W M Aitchison), 5a, fav S Huggin
    2 Solway Saffy (D A Harrison), 5a P Robson
    3 Wynyard Dancer (Mrs G Sunter), 5a Miss T Jackson
    Also: Fairy Bell 5a (4), Meadowleck, 5a, tt (5), Abelbeck, 5a, 1ow (ref), Foxwood Polo, 5a (ur), Homo Dorney (IRE), 5a (pu), I Say Dancer (IRE), 5a (pu), Si Celia, 5a (f), Strictly Hard, 5a (pu), Stygian Star (IRE), 5a, 4ow (pu), Zoot Money, 5a (pu), Zydecho Queen, 5a (ur).14 ran. dist, 1l, 2l, 30l, 2l. 6min 59.0s. SP: 5-2. (Border).

    194 OPEN MAIDEN (Div I), 12st

    1 Carries Gift (Say Primula) (Mrs A J McMath) Miss L Kendall
    2 Kimothy (Miss R Brewis) C Storey
    3 Cool KeVin (Mrs M A Kendall) Miss B Kendall
    Also: Political Bill (4), Everready Go, 5a (5), Buteland Boy (pu), Christy Jnr (IRE), bl (f), Coastal Safari (ur), Gee-Bee-Aitch-Too (pu), Nisbet (ur), Play An Ace, 4ow (ur), River Rising (f), Roseau (FR) (pu), Springfield Prince (IRE) (f).14 ran. 2l, 15l, 4l, 3l, 8l. 7min 03.0s. SP: 33-1. (Cumberland F.).

    195 OPEN MAIDEN (Div II), 12st

    1 Cloney Boy (IRE) (Brush Aside USA) (Mr & Mrs M Smith) A Richardson
    2 Kirkharle (IRE) (I Hamilton (Hendy & Hammy Partnership)) Miss P Robson
    3 Looking Forward (S E Kettlewell), 7a H Ephgrave
    Also: Ardmayle (IRE) (4), Planet Ireland (IRE) (5), Alizarine Blue (pu), Brandon Bridge (pu), Dark Robe, 5a (pu), Farhan (USA) (f), Go Go Barney (pu), Micky Mansions (IRE) (ur), Night Riot (IRE) (pu), Royal Palm (ur), Still Friends (IRE) (pu), The Dust Buster (pu).15 ran. 7l, nk, 15l, 20l. 6min 59.0s. SP: 14-1. (Tynedale).

    196 OPEN MAIDEN (Div III), 12st

    1 Jolly Minster (Minster Son) (D G Atkinson) P Atkinson
    2 Count Keni (Miss K B Roncoroni) A Richardson
    3 Pure Steel (IRE) (M H Walton) C Storey
    Also: Brexent (FR) (4), Monotony (IRE) (5), Almikino (IRE) (pu), Bignoyse (IRE) (pu), Business Class (NZ) (pu), Christiemouse, 5a (pu), Easter Cruise (pu), Poppers (pu), Wester Lad (pu).12 ran. 4l, 3l, 25l, 25l, 10l. 6min 53.0s. SP: 4-1. (Bedale).

    MEYNELL & SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE,Weston Park, 18 February

    197 HUNT

    1 Native Cove (IRE) (Be My Native USA) (Mrs P Haddock), 9ow, fav E Haddock
    2 Royal Segos (S Shaw), tt S Shaw
    Also: Itas Fellow (IRE) (ref).3 ran. 3/4l. 8min 36.6s. SP: 4-6. (Meynell & S. Staffs).

    SOUTH DORSET,Milborne St Andrew,18 February 198 RESTRICTED, 12st

    1 Rimpton Boy (Interrex CAN) (Mrs E Hutchinson), fav Miss P Gundry
    2 Shareton (J H Green & B E Perrett) Miss S Vickery
    3 Flora Macdonald (S J & Mrs S J Rawlins), 12a O Ellwood
    Also: Sporadic Verse (IRE) (4), Eurolinkhellraiser (IRE) (5), Sacrifice (6), Oflahertys (IRE) (7), Jolie Roslin, 5a (8), Calvary Hill, bl (pu), Emareagle (pu),Loxley-Lad (ur), Regal Wolf (ur), Sibmister (IRE) (pu), Thynes Venture (IRE) (pu).14 ran. 3l, 10l, 21/2l, 1l, 1l, 6l, 12l. 6min 27.3s. SP: 9-4. (Cattistock).

    199 HUNT

    1 Spring Marathon (USA) (Topsider USA) (Miss E C Tory), fav Miss E Tory
    2 Mystery Aristocrat (IRE) (N J & Mrs M A Tory) R Tory
    3 Tipping Along (IRE) (Miss M I MacGregor) Miss M MacGregor
    3 ran. dist, dist. 6min 29.6s. SP: 8-13. (S. Dorset).


    1 Forbidden Waters (IRE) (Over The River FR) (A Tizzard & P Foot) Miss C Tizzard
    2 Mizyan (IRE) (P Maltby), fav Miss P Gundry
    3 Red Parade (NZ) (Mrs S White & D Staddon) Miss A Goschen
    Also: Man Of Steele (IRE) (4), Gemini Mist, 5a, bl (ur), Miners Bill (IRE) (ur), Outnabout (IRE) (ur), Polar King (IRE) (pu), Tales Of Bounty (IRE) (f), Wanstead (IRE) (pu).10 ran. 3l, 2l, 20l. 6min 20.7s. SP: 20-1. (Blackmore & Sparkford V.).

    201 MENS OPEN, 12st

    1 Well Ted (IRE) (Carlingford Castle) (G J Fisher, DGallivan, L P Riley & M Seabourne), fav G Barfoot-Saunt
    2 Berude Not To (IRE) (J Cullen, P Moore & B Cullen), bl R Young
    3 Bitran (A Palmer) R Woollacott
    Also: Alex Thuscombe bl (4), Mock Trial (IRE) (5), Oh So Quiet (f), Primero (IRE), tt (pu), Stormhill Recruit (pu).8 ran. 2l, 1/2l, 11/2l, dist. 6min 26.5s. SP: 6-4. (Berkeley).


    1 Storm Forecast (IRE) (Strong Gale) (M Goess-Saurau) M Goess-Saurau
    2= Itsnotsimple (IRE) (Mrs S Messer-Bennetts), 5a Miss S Messer-Bennetts
    2= Nearly Gold (D G R Ferguson) J Ferguson
    Also: Avril Showers 5a (4), Whispering Pines (NZ), fav (5), Mendip Son, bl (6), Sir Wynham (7), Mel (IRE) (8), Arabitan, 5a (9), Zingibar, vis (10), Frozen Drop (11), Gypsy Luck, 5a (f).12 ran. 12l, dd ht, s hd, 4l, 4l, 1l, 1l, 11/2l, 2l, 1l. 6min 35.4s. SP: 11-2. (V.W.H.).

    203 CONFINED MAIDEN (Div I), 12st

    1 Cantenac Brown (IRE) (Ikdam) (J J Boulter, Miss F Wilkins & K JPearce) N Mitchell
    2 Nice Approach (IRE) (Miss T C Leahy (Nice Approach Partnership)) A Charles-Jones
    Also: Final Chance 5a (f), Gami (FR) (f), Mister Demolition, fav (pu), No Need For Alarm, 5a (f), Parsonhumfrywebber, 7a (pu), Polar Rambler (IRE) (pu), Queens House, 5a (pu), River Mulligan (IRE) (f), Trigger Again (ur).11 ran. 8l. 6min 38.8s. SP: 3-1. (Portman).

    204 CONFINED MAIDEN (Div II), 12st

    1 Yours Truly (IRE) (Salluceva) (Exors of the late H Handel, Mrs M Thomas & J Hardwill) D Alers-Hankey
    2 Prussian Steel (IRE) (Mrs J McCullough) R Woollacott
    3 Makhpiya Patahn (IRE) (J H Young) D I Turner
    Also: Gunerkillinghurst (5), Ok So (IRE) (4d), Malian (IRE), 7a, tt (pu), Mother Earth, 5a (pu), Saltis (IRE) (f), Speculative (pu), The First One (pu), The Islander (pu), Wink And Whisper, 5a, fav (ur).12 ran. 1/2l, 8l, dist. 6min 38.7s. SP: 16-1. (Taunton V.).

    SOUTH EAST HUNTS CLUB,Charing, 18 February

    205 CLUB MEMBERS MAIDEN 56&7yo2m4f, 12st

    1 Rainbow Ranch (IRE) (Mister Lord USA) (S P Tindall) C Gordon
    2 Little Farmer (C S Hall) P Hall
    3 Amber Life (R H York), 7a, fav P York
    Also: Iconic (4), Scotch Bob (IRE) (5), My Baron, 7a (6), Find The Lady (IRE), 5a (7), Bold Baby, 12a (pu), Bold Charade, 5a (ur), Decision Time (IRE) (ur), Desert Project (IRE), 5a (f), Intercity (ur), Jennie Bush (IRE), 5a (pu), Sauvognie, 7a (f), Tonis Tiger (pu).15 ran. 2l, 6l, 10l, 30l, 4l, 6l. 5min 26.0s. TOTE: £7.20; places £2.10,£23.60,£2.30 DF:£70.30 tc:c/f. SP: 9-1. (Southdown & Eridge).


    1 Physical Fun (Phardante FR) (Mrs A Blaker & P Rhodes) C Gordon
    2 Bricanmore (IRE) (J Taylor) P Hickman
    3 Oxendale (Mrs S Dench), fav P Bull
    Also: Dreamin George (IRE) (4), Ishma (IRE), bl (5), Target Time, 5a, bl (6), Chill Factor (pu), Dillon (ur), Hamish (f), Primulas Daughter, 5a (pu).10 ran. 10l, 3l, 10l, 6l, 6l. 6min 55.0s. TOTE: £4.80; places £2.60,£4.80,£2.20 DF:£79.10 tc:c/f. SP: 7-2. (Mid Surrey F.).

    207 MENS OPEN, 12st

    1 Seod Rioga (IRE) (Down The Hatch) (S P Tindall), 4x, fav C Gordon
    2 Three Of Clubs (IRE) (D F Donegan) P Bull
    3 High Learie (Capt J R D Barnard), 7x J Barnard
    Also: The Snow Burn 7x (4), How Friendly (5), Same Difference (IRE), bl (pu), Sherwood Boy (pu).7 ran. 6l, 6l, 8l, dist. 6min 53.0s. TOTE: £1.40; places £1.10,£1.50 DF:£2.60 tc:£51.80. SP: 2-7. (Southdown & Eridge).


    1 Storm Castle (IRE) (Carlingford Castle) (N Cronin) Miss J Wickens
    2 Starpath (NZ) (J J Boulter, Miss F Wilkins & K J Pearce) Miss A Deniel
    3 Burntwood Melody (Mrs D Rowell), 4x, fav Mrs D Rowell
    Also: Prime Course (IRE) (4), Prince Of Saints (IRE), bl (5), Polar Ana (IRE), 5a (6), Danger Flynn (IRE) (pu), Father Fortune, bl (ur), Oban, 4x (pu), One Eleven (IRE) (ur).10 ran. 1/2l, 6l, 25l, 6l, dist. 6min 46.5s. TOTE: £10.40; places £2.70,£1.70,£1.80 DF:£5.70 tc:c/f. SP: 8-1. (Kent & Surrey Bloodhounds).


    1 Brackenheath (IRE) (Le Moss) (J Grist) B Hitchcott
    2 Wibbley Wobbley (H J Hawksfield), 8x, fav J Hawksfield
    3 Nordic Spree (IRE) (N Benstead), bl P York
    Also: Oboedire (IRE) (4), Corston Joker (5), Time Enough (IRE) (6), Albermarle (IRE) (7), Moonlight Story (8), Lead Vocalist (IRE) (9), Think Positive (IRE) (10), Gypsy Gerry (pu), Kenny Davis (IRE) (f), Mackoy (IRE) (pu), New Ross (IRE) (pu), Professor Page (IRE) (pu), The Glow (IRE) (pu).16 ran. 3l, 1/2l, 4l, 5l, 8l, 6l, 20l, 4l, dist. 6min 53.5s. TOTE: £4.50; places £1.90,£1.50,£7.10 DF:£6.00 tc:c/f. SP: 3-1. (E. Sussex & Romney Marsh).


    1 Satcotino (IRE) (Satco FR) (Mr & Mrs I Cobb), 5a, 7x P York
    2 Lillooet (IRE) (R Fielder), 5a, bl, jfav C Gordon
    3 Holiday Time (IRE) (Mrs C Andrews), 5a Mrs C Andrews
    Also: The Bishops Sister (IRE) 5a (4), Joyful Hero, 5a, bl (5), Billies Mate (IRE),5a, bl (pu), Newtown Rosie (IRE), 5a, jfav (pu), Sister Ali (IRE), 5a (ur).8 ran. 25l, 8l, 6l, 12l. 6min 59.0s. TOTE: £3.20; places £1.90,£1.20,£2.40 DF:£12.20. SP: 4-1. (Crawley & Horsham).


    1 Ell Gee (RaNova) (P Townsley), 5a P Townsley
    2 Joeen (IRE) (J Farchy) B Hitchcott
    3 Bavardier (IRE) (Miss J Goddard) D Brightling
    Also: Shoveontommy (IRE) fav (4), Vulpin De Laugere (FR), 6ow (5), Colonel Crump (IRE) (f), Craighardie (pu), Little Veralyn, 5a (f), Schisandra, 5a (f), Sound Gossin (IRE) (pu), Sugar Toi, 12a (pu).11 ran. 10l, 6l, 8l, 30l. 7min 03.5s. TOTE: £8.90; places £4.10,£4.40,£3.20 DF:£26.30. SP: 8-1. (Surrey U.).

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