National team chase championships results, 1 April 2012

  • Novice (bogey time). 1, Masta Pave (R Davies, H Hawker, T Jones); 2, Nicholson Novices (H Nicholson, L Nicholson, C Nicholson, M Nicholson); 3, The Crown Joules (L Crocker, R Harrap, L Fear, S Bertt); 4, Pytchley Young Guns; 5, Launde Flyers; 6, Naylors Estate Agents. open. 1, Relentless (B Pauling, W Grant, D Gittins, P Mason) 4.09.77; 2, Art Hotel Chasers (S Myhill, L Seidel, H Moodie, Y Goss) 4.21.53; 3, Point Two TopSpec Hair Raisers (A Brown, A Brown, P Thomason, L Brown) 4.27.04; 4, Wishful Thinkers; 5, Boring Gorings; 6, The Monster Ride Away Team. intermediate. 1, Art Hotel Racers (S Myhill, J Stevenson, C Davey, M Mather) 4.07.13; 2, Verdina’s Angels (S Jukes, T Milne, S Bragg, R Bevan) 4.22.9; 3, The Wishful Thinkers Too ( S Coady, E Wass, J Stevenson, C Seymour Williams) 4.23.72; 4, Burley Blazers I; 5, Pied Pipers; 6, The All Blacks. UK hunt team chase. 1, Quorn Hedgehoppers (P Hubbard, B Mills, S Newton, A Newton) 4.31.23; 2, High Peak Flyers (N Brady, S Tideswell, K Hemslet, M Caley) 4.32.5; 3, Heythrop Hacks (T Gittins, J Loffet, SJ Seel, B Pauling) 4.47.3; 4, Fernie Fillies and Giles; 5, High Peak 4 Skins; 6, Worcestershire Wannabees.

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