NAF British Riding Clubs National Championships results, 17-18 September, 2011

  • In The Pink, horse.– 1 & res, L Bradwell’s Yogi Bear, Bishops; 2, G Jones’ Red Monarch, Hereford & District; 3, B Mawer’s Copthorne Classic, East Midlands Dressage Group. pony.– 1 & ch, J Hewerdine’s Glanrannell Major Robert, Towy Valley; 2, K Norris’ Two Tone, White Rose. jnr, dressage, team.– 1, Rochdale & District (S Roche, H Innes, S Brown, M Lewis); 2, Cwmaman (G Herbert, A Cooper, A Harries, E Tisch); 3, South Western DG (J Bluck, K Hills, N Hills, P Douglas). ind, arena 5.– 1, Misty Miss (L Craner, Rother Valley); 2, Byfleet Nutcracker (G Tebbutt, Wittering Academy); 3eq, Lakestreet Tuppence (J Hall, Frampton Family) & Merriment William (B Dumbleton, West Devon). arena 6.– 1 & ch, Brynfa Superman (M Lewis); 2, Dorus (J Hunter, Findon & District); 3, Diesel (K Hayes, Bay). arena 7.– 1, An Absolute Snip (W Blackshaw, Nantwich); 2, Inform (I Sida-Page, Beccles & Bungay); 3, Tick Tock Tiger (K Gates, Isle Of Wight). arena 8.– 1, Mr McGowan (S Croxton, Atherstone); 2, Treaddur Bay (H Innes); 3, Claydon Robinia (K Hills). team of four.– 1, South Western DG (P Douglas-Johnston, J Bluck, K Hills, N Hills); 2, Rochdale (S Brown, J Boyden, L Tattersall, C Marshall); 3, Elstead (H Stuart, F Lawes, P Carter, E Weeks). pairs.– 1, Atherstone (C Croxton, K Marshall); 2, South Western DG (P Douglas-Johnston, J Bluck); 3, Saffron Walden (O Potter, L Byford). riding test, team.– 1, Cwmaman (A Harries, E Tisch, G Herbert, A Cooper); 2, Sevenoaks (R Cadney-Moon, A Hollis, A McGready, E Duggan); 3, Rochdale (H Innes, S Roche, M Lewis, S Brown). ind, arena 1.– 1 & ch, Kilanney Boy (Stansted & District); 2, Carnival Pop (A Hollis); 3, Nephin View (S Roche). arena 2.– 1, Mr McGowan (S Croxton); 2, Dorus (J Hunter); 3, Just Stanley (A Wotton, St Edmunds). arena 3.– 1, Iolo (A Southworth, Tendring Hundred); 2, Mega Star (G Herbert, Cwmaman); 3, Sensibility (E Duggan). arena 4.– 1, Toytime (A Sanderson, Sunniside); 2, Solo (M Morrison, Findon & District); 3, Shamlord Chardonnay (N Coventry, Isle Of Wight). sj, int team.– 1, Cropthorne & Evesham (H Dickin, C Davey, A Furness, A Stock); 2, Cornwall Trec (H Greaves, S Chaplin, A Reeve, L Jasper); 3, Saffron Walden (A Thomson, O Potter, L Byford, E Westerhuis). ind.– 1, Sunny Destination (R Dyke, Cambridge); 2, Britney (A Ellison, Cambridge); 3, Holly Fort Hero (A Furness). nov, team.– 1, Macclesfield & District (C Molyneux, O Arrowsmith, J Brodie, H Neat); 2, Rochdale (M Lewis, S Roche, A Macfarlane, S Brown); 3, Malvern Hills (B Daniel, S Daniel, H Richards, N Cull). ind.– 1, Gwibedogg Jack (A Hartland, Hereford); 2, Ben (E Butler, Cambridge); 3, Briardale Amazing Grace (S Richardson, North Ryedale. style, team.– 1, Sevenoaks (C Somerset, L Marden, R Cadney-Moon, A McGready); 2, North Ryedale (L Teal, J Hutchinson-Archer, B Shipley, E Rising); 3, Cherwell (C Billing, A Salter, H Harmon, R Dex). ind.– 1, Breffne Brou (B Shipley); 2, Mr McGowan (S Croxton); 3eq, Reckless Ruby (A McGready) & Folly (G Pitman, Rother Valley). snr, riding test, team.– 1, Rochdale (S Holden, A Clegg, A Tattersall); 2, Saffron Walden (L Spence, S Haylock, C Engelmann, V Palmer); 3, New Forest Pony Enthusiasts (S Albery, D Vear, A Pidgley, S Goddard). ind, arena 1.– 1, Girsthills Sly Fox (T Malka, Stonrleigh); 2, Wayland Arabesque (S Albery); 3, Coombe Jenny Wren (J Place, New Forest PE). arena 2.– 1, Desach Gold Sunset (L Hooper, Towy Valley); 2, Calandar Girl (A Maytravers, Mid Somerset); 3, Derw Destiny (D Grant, Lothian). arena 3.– 1, Candy Can (E Thomas, Cwmaman); 2, Eldmire Teddy (D Johnston, Northallerton); 3, Onnie (S Foxall, Wilmslow). arena 4.– 1 & ch, Malone (S Holden); 2, Dyskovery (S Thomas, Wokingham & Bearwood); 3, Ballycomoyle (L Hooper, Towy Valley). dressage, team.– 1, Cwmaman (E Thomas, E Evans, R Llewellyn, N Boex); 2, East Yorkshire (D Kaye, J Mendoza, A Low, C Freear); 3, Rutland (P Sellers, T Iveson, E Lumb, A Pepper). ind, arena 5.– 1 & ch, Olympic Du Loir (T Iveson); 2, Parting Gift (N Pettitt, Stansted); 3, Blue Boy (A Croxton, Atherstone). arena 6.– 1, Donna Melissa, E Lumb); 2, Dulcie Doo (South Oxon); 3eq, Bizzy Lizzie (E Thomas), Lewaldo Star (K Ludden, Rother Valley), Whiterose Strandwulf (E Sutcliffe, East Cheshire TG) & Bobby Brown (E Birkin, Atherstone). arena 7.– 1, This Time Next Year (D Kaye); 2, Mibley Royal Robin (C Ratcliff, Shropshire South); 3, Mr Christie (R Llewellyn). arena 8.– 1, Pepperswood Grentina (N Boex); 2, Nero (S Hunter, Shropshire South); 3, Bellarusque Of Daniel (J Mendoza). arena 9.– 1, Desach Gold Sunset (L Hooper); 2, Yoyo (L Spence); 3, Oaklawn Gypsy (C Gunn, Rearsby Lodge). arena 10.– 1, Fiddian (S Eagle, Delamere Forest); 2, Lematon Premier Addition (S Charnley, North Lincs); 3, Lakmusas G (S Wagstaff, Wittering Academy). arena 11.– 1, Baby Jack (F Podschies, Wey Valley); 2eq, Max (K Walker, Bath) & Dolderwydd Daffyd (C Mawdesley, Northern DG). arena 12.– 1, Littleworth Splashes (N Toomer, East Cheshire TG); 2, Royal Highness (L West, North Lincs); 3, Armarni (V Perry, Cornwall Trec). medium.– 1eq, Voornoppus (I Lewis, East Cheshire TG) & Tis Not Otto (S Perry, Cornwall Trec); 3, Mr Christie (R Llewellyn). pairs.– 1, Bath (K Walker, G Bryce); 2, East Yorkshire (L Wilson, A Low); 3, Saffron Walden & District (C Englemann, S Haylock). rural riders.– 1, Elstead (J Dutton, A Denton, S Morley-Boxall, M Hodges, T Negus, H Reed, P Jann); 2, New Forest PE (A Pidgley, S Goddard, S Albery, J Place, S Pierson, N Smith, D Vear); 3, East Yorkshire (D Kaye, C Freear, J Mendoza, A Low,C Heward, S Holich, J Fearn). sj, open team.– 1, Isle Of Wight (H Webster, K Begley, D Webster, S Waghorn); 2, Stoneleigh (K Bennett, P Gibbs, R Pettifor, J Owen); 3, Area 12 (H Mitchell, E May, O Cossey, V Heal). ind.– 1, Lux (H Havard, Tivyside); 2, Just A Fluke (P Thompson, Area 2); 3, Tuesday (K Bennett). int, team.– 1, East Cheshire TG (J Gleave, E Miller, V Jones, L Murphy); 2, Worcester & District (J Viney, C Watkins, L Bennett, V Hancox); 3, Darlington & District (S Metcalfe, K Milner, P Thompson, C Pearson). ind.– 1, Pebbly Humbug (J Gleave); 2, William Morris (L Bullas, North Lincs); 3, Toby (L Murphy). nov, team.– 1, Rochdale (D Spencer, C Hartley, D Goslin, J Taylor); 2, Ardingly (J Taggart, J Delaney, A Ingram, N Gurden); 3, New Forest PE (J Cleal, S Kempe, K Ingram, J Place). ind.– 1, Miss India Gold (C Holt, Kings Leaze); 2, Scooter (F Tansley, Blidworth Equestrian); 3, Hatfield Bobby (K Beaumont, Blidworth Equestrian). style, team.– 1, Worcester & District Wolves (B Briggs, V Nancox, J Viney); 2,Worcester & District Warriors (C Watkins, L Bennett, V Nancox, M Poutney); 3, Hereford & District (H Kearns, J Blackman-Howard, D Davies, C South). ind.– 1, Lady Of Athenrye (V Hancox); 2, Reason Why (S Haylock, Saffron Walden); 3, Spritzer (V Cavill, Nantwich).

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