Meynell and South Staffs team chase results, 20 September

  • Open.— 1, Cunning Stunts (A Vowles, G Sherwin, S Tideswell, L Broderick) 5.02; 2, Lycetts A Class Act (A Shipley, J Rugman, C Alexander, S Robbins) 5.42. intermediate.— 1, Relentless Them & Us (B Pauling, L Cope, M Wall, R Mason) 4.03; 2, Top Spec Hair Raisers (M Cramb, P Thomason, P Still, M Hilton) 4.13; 3, Farmers Bloodhounds (G Wright, H Moodie, A Stow, Y Goss) 4.30; 4, Foxberry Chasers; 5, Why Worry There’s Hope; 6, Feisty Stunts. nov (bogey Time).— 1, Longmore Lunatics (T Daly, C Croucher, N Burrows, S Simmonds); 2, More Cunning Stunts (G Sherwin, N & L Smith, S Tideswell); 3, Court Flyers II; 4, Holme House Farm Brew Crew; 5, Bits and Pieces; 6, Trot Ons.

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