JumpCross results September 2001

  • GRANGE FARM EC Peterborough, 22 September

    group 3 1, Dosy Ds (Retreats Total Recall, F Davidson; Ivesley Oscar, H Dove); 2, Queenholme Kindergarten (Well Suited, A Hardy; Marvil, M Kyle); 3, Cranford Chasers (Castleford Special Edition, S Kempson; Toiln Trouble, R Pearson). junior 1, Ally Cats (Kirtling Dubonnet, N Souter; Rosie C Chamvers); 2, Flying Pigs (Bramble, S Peacock; Brookfield Star, P Sanders); 3, Mischief Makers (Don?t Ask, J Belcher; The Sky?s The Limit, J Belcher). group 2 1, Badminton Blondes (Gold Knight, J Crowson; Ambassador, N Mills); 2, HorseWear (Abalone Cracker, M Kyle; Dawn Cracker, T Liddle); 3, Black & White Minstrels (Astra Daisy, B Ensten; Claydons Colour Code, H Stearn). group 1 1, Tallyho Breeches (Just Another Buck, T Liddle; High Expectations, M Kyle); 2, Queenholme.com (A Balone Bracker, M Kyle; Dawn Cracker, T Liddle); 3, Weakest Link (Teal Bossolles, J Musto; Gold Knight, J Crowson).

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