Hackney Horse of the Year driving results, 22-23 September 2012

  • Open hackney pony of the year (A Grant).-1, D & V Vyse’s Heartland Bell Ringer (R Walker); 2, E Ward’s Westbourne Hi Tech (B Ward); 3, E Walsh & J Sparrowhawk’s Heartland Top Of His Class. open hackney horse of the year.-1, C Moran’s Drewsherne Corrall; 2, Van Nispen bros’ Wentworth Ebony (L Huckriede); 3, B Verdonk’s Chestnuts Real King (B Dansik). hackney jnr whip.-1, Peters family’s Aghaderg Mourinho (C Peters); best opposite, Nutfields The Contender (S Murrell). Denis Midgeley novice hackney pony of the year (G Henson).-1, B Turner’s Heartland Code Breaker (G Turner); 2, J Chicken’s Stapleford First Edition (A Sparrowhawk); 3, G Baker’s Aghaderg Fancy Me. hackney horse of the year.-1, van Nispens’ Eclipse Flasch Dance (L Huckriede); 2, W & V Gill’s Madge’s Last Wonder (S Barraclough); 3, H McNiece’s Baldwins A Class Act. international hackney pony.-1, G Haffenden’s Aghaderg Supreme Demonstrator; 2, Mr & Mrs G McIntosh’s Seamair Simply Marvellous (C Vyse); 3, A & B Ward’s Westbourne Hallmark (B Ward). do horse.-1, Madge’s Last Wonder; 2, M Hardy’s Sam Van Semerang; 3, Chestnuts Real King. hackney private drive ch (C Wigmore).-1, A Hamilton-Rhodes & J Hollister’s Brookeborough Duke; 2, J Rowe’s Brookeborough Stepping Star; 3, Aghaderg Mourinho.

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