Grafton Hunt team chase results, 24 October

  • Open qualifier.— 1, Point Two TopSpec Hair Raisers (A Brown, A Brown, P Thomason) 4.19.54; 2, RoR Lycetts A Class Act (A Shipley, J Lewis, C Alexander, J Rugman) 4.19.63; 3, Art Hotel Chasers (S Myhill, H Moodie, L Siedel, R Mason) 4.21.19; 4, The Equiform Farmers’ Bloodhounds (G Wright, Y Goss, H Watson, L Rawling) 4.21.47; 5, The Boring Gorings (F French, L Adams, N Fuller, B Allen) 4.21.70. int.— 1, Point Two TopSpec Close Shavers (P Thomason, A Brown, P Still, M Cramb) 3.40.26; 2, The Equiform Bloodhound Babes (G Wright, C Nichols, M Hilton, S Coady) 3.40.67; 3, Better Late Than Never (L McCabe, A Sheldon, J Lewis) 3.43.41; 4, Tuffrock Wishful Thinkers (S Coady, F Price, S Radbourne) 3.43.54; 5, Relentless Fight The Ban (M Wall, C Cotton, P Mason, A Shipley) 3.50.19; 6, Sussex Stormers (C Hall, P Hall, G Fisher, H Etheridge) 3.50.47. step-up.— 1, 3 Colts & A Filly (J Goss, C Davey, L Rawling, V Roberts) 3.55.40; 2, Wicked & Wild (H Crump, O Jones, H Cartwright, K Mills) 3.55.65; 3, Fernie Fanatics (J Walker, C Walker, L Walker, W Bishop) 4.02.02; 4, Hopwas Hooligans (D Whitehead, C Whitehead, A Cliff, E Crawley) 4.14.26; 5, Dashing Dames (L Cooke, R King, N Diamond, S Candy) 4.20.61; 6, The All Blacks (H Jordan, M Jordan, N Saunders, C Burrows) 4.22.72. novice.— 1, Bloxham School Bombers (M Paxford, F Scott, E Dove, A Smith) 4.34.19; 2, Bicester Cubs (E Davis, W Richards, G Davis, L Tutt) 4.32.04; 3, D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F (S Thompson, L Flaherty, E Thompson, S Callard) 4.43.29; 4, Scallywags Rebel Racers (K Aschettino, L Johnson, R Clark, S Morgan) 4.39.06; 5, Brill Berry Treats (B Thomas, S McClumpha, C Morris, J Hudson) 4.39.20; 6, Bugger The Banker (S Thomson, E Thomson, N Londe, C Anon) 4.29.25.

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