Fernie national team chase championships results, 28 March

  • Open.— 1, Relentless Fight the Ban (D Gittins, R Cope, M Steward-Wood) 269.14; 2, Equiform Bloodhounds and Wishful Thinkers Too (S Coady, Y Goss, L Siedel, W Grant) 271.46; 3, Art Hotel Chasers (H Moodie, S Myhill, R Cope, R Mason) 276.42; 4, Cunning Stunts; 5, Boring Gorings; 6, Foxberry Chasers; 7, Point Two TopSpec Hair Raisers; 8, Haydon’s Hussies; 9, Centaurs. intermediate.— 1, Point Two TopSpec Close Shavers (M Cramb, A Brown, P Thomason, D Manning) 267.46; 2, Court Flyers (C Marston, T Woodward, J Manicom, A Hayes) 276.13; 3, Wishful Thinkers (S Coady, C Stuart, S Radbourne, F Price) 277.20; 4, More Details To Follow; 5, Really Cupid Stunts; 6, Fearless Fillies. hunt.— 1, Pytchley A (L Harris, L Cope, H Gurney, H McCall) 262.22; 2, Quorn Quartet (J Knowles, A Bealby, H Connors, K Knowles) 265.87; 3, Pytchley B (R Cope, H McCall, L Ackinchy, A Shipley) 276.46; 4, Taunton Vale Thrusters; 5, Cottesmore Chasers; 6, Farmers Bloodhound Babes. nov.— 1, Fiddlers on the Hoof (D Briggs, H Briggs, J Baliss, F Eperon); 2, Court Flyers II (C Marston, A Marston, Z Baker, S Gray); 3, The Gin & Tonics (L Tough, R Harrap, B Vernon, P Fairman); 4, Woodland Pytchley Bitch Pack; 5, Burley Blazers; 6, Trec Chasers.

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