Essex and Suffolk team chasing results, 6 November 2011

  • Novice (bogey time).– 1, Rocky’s Angels (P Peters, S Richardson, L Bohm, H Boss); 2, Absconders (G Hilliard, J Hardwick, R Merchant) 3, The Praying Monks (H Monks, K Monks, I Monks); 4, A Nag And Three Fillies; 5, The Flying Studs; 6, Norfolk N Chance. intermediate.– 1, Team Ride Away (S Clark, R Andrews, B Allen, W Bissell) 287.06; 2, Art Hotel Racers (S Myhill, S Robbins, S Tideswell, C Davey) 289.58; 3, The Cupid Stunts (B Furnival, S Tideswell, K Tideswell, S Shoemark) 306.90; 4, Drag N Fly; 5, Hot To Trot; 6, Simple Systems Happy Hackers. open.– 1, Relentless (R Cope, D Barrett, W Grant) 339; 2, Art Hotel Chasers (S Myhill, Y Goss, C Davey, L Siedel) 340.32; 3, The Cunning Stunts (B Furnival, T Woodward, D Watts, P Buckley) 370.10; 4, Boring Gorings; 5, Barnsley Crash Test Babes; 6, ROR Lycetts A Class Act.

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