Cotswold team chasing results, 30 October 2011

  • Novice (bogey time).– 1, Charlie Chasers (K Merrett, G Barnfield, H Milsom, L Bellamy); 2, Campden Chasers (D Wheeler, T Wheeler, M Taylor, H Stock); 3, Tarts On Tour (F Symes, R King, K Meehan, K Meehan); 4, Horsey Hotties.com; 5, Three Greys And A Bay; 6, Hector And The Hot ChicksCoxwell Rogers Military Cup.– 1, Royal Navy (Lt S Brown, Lt R Walker, CPO M Shaw, PO S Clackworthy); 2, Royal Air Force (Wg Cmdr J Austin, Flt Lt K Fieldhouse, Cpl S Marshall, SAC K Lawton); 3, Royal Wessex Yeomanry (Major A Bathurst, Capt H Vere Nicholl, Col J Arkell, O Ctd M Staveley)int.– 1, Equiform Farmers Bloodhounds (G Wright, S Myhill, M Mather, C Davey) 4.36.88; 2, Sussex Stormers (C Hall, H Etheridge, G Fisher, P Hall) 4.52.40; 3, Wishful Thinkers (S Coady, F Price, L Pinfield, J Green) 4.653.93; 4, Team Ride Away; 5, Wishful Thinkers Too; 6, Bitch PackGoring Hotel & Material Change Open– 1, Relentless (B Pauling, P Mason, D Gittins, W Grant) 4.38.10; 2, Art Hotel Chasers (S Myhill, Y Goss, C Davey, L Siedel) 4.52.42; 3, Monster Team (R Cope, B Pauling, L Gordon, M Wall) 5.01.98; 4, Equiform Farmers Bloodhounds; 5, Cunning Stunts; 6, Boring Gorings.

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