Cotswold team chasing results, 25 October

  • Open.— 1, Relentless Fight the Ban (R Cope, B Pauling, D Gittins, L Cope) 4.48.77; 2, Art Hotel Chasers (S Myhill, R Cope, H Moodie) 4.49.13; 3, Farmers Bloodhounds (S Radbourne, S Coady, J Goss, G Wright) 5.03.15; 4, Point Two Top Spec Hair Raisers; 5, Lycetts A Class Act; 6, Rowe Referral Racers. inter.— 1, Point Two TopSpec Close Shavers (M Cramb, A Brown, A Brown, S Coady) 5.14.55; 2, Cotswold Mixed Pack (T Vestey, J Edmunds, J Evans, C Hicks) 5.15.72; 3, Wishful Thinkers (S Coady, S Radbourne, C Stewart, F Price) 5.32.33; 4, Teme Valley Tigers; 5, Relentless Them and Us; 6, Taunton Vale. military.— 1, RAF (Wing Cdr J Austin, Flt Lt C Moore, Cpl B Downes, Cpl A Golder); 2, Royal Gloucestershire Hussars (Maj A Bathurst, Maj J Lea, 2nd Lt J Hathaway-White, O/Cdt J Chamberlain); 3, Royal Navy (Lt R Walker, Lt S Brown, CPO J Price, Aircrewman M Shaw). nov.— 1, Bits and Pieces (S Kelly, N Woolliams, N Bacon, C Bacon); 2, Leap of Faith (A Malim, S Malim, D Little); 3, Bitches in Britches (P Humfrey, T Van Gruisen, I Kenny Herbert, C Stamp); 4, Teague’s Totty; 5, Main Attraction; 6, Two By Two

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