Bradsworth & Bramham Moor Team Chase results, 2 March

  • BRADSWORTH & BRAMHAM MOOR, South Yorkshire, 2 March
    Humberts Open 1, R&R Wasps (P Andrews, S Chadwick, T Kaye, M Howland) 380.04; 2, Odds and Sods (H Moody, K Purcell, G Lockwood) 386.37; 3, The Boring Gorings (F French, L Adams, N Fuller, B Allen) 430.45; 5, Teme Valley Tigers (S Myhill, B Allen, Y Goss, R Turner) 439.5. inter 1, Foxberry Chasers (S Metcalfe, K Milner, C Gibbons, S Gibbons) 341.14; 2, Buster Marquees Details to Follow (A Hardstaff, P Wareham, D Manning) 362.63; 3, Cut and Laid (T Peake, J Moore, C Thorogood, T Clover) 370.18; 4, Team Rockwood (R Lee, L Eaden, J Hughes, E Littlewood) 373.31; 5, Blidworth Bombers (K Beaumont, A Murray, D Walsh) 379.25; 6, Tigers Too (S Myhill, B Allen, Y Goss) 387.2. nov 1, Willing Sinners (J Dracup, H Wright, C Sheard, A Wolfenden) 245.44; 2, Badsworth Ladies, a Babe and a Boy (A Keightley, I Soar, A Soar, B Raistrick) 252.63; 3, Fools and Horses Babes (M Martland, A Chadwick, M Griffiths, H Taylor) 253.83; 4, The Roughnecks (T Kaye, J Kaye, D Clark, J James) 256.70; 5, Leaping Loonies (G Howland, M Howland, E Johnson) 259.81; 6, Bromley Babes (E Fox, L Eadon, L Smillie, B Jenkins) 271.96.

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