Berks and Bucks team chasing results, 28 February

  • Open.— 1, Art Hotel Chasers (H Moodie, R Cope, S Myhill, R Mason) 5.28; 2, Equiform Farmers Bloodhounds (G Wright, Y Goss, S Coady, S Radbourne) 5.34; 3, Rowe Referral Racers (N Rowe, T Rowe, S Vatcher, V Vatcher) 5.48; 4, Boring Gorings; 5, Wishful Thinkers Too. intermediate (speed).— 1, Chesterton Humberts (C Hall, P Hall, H Etheridge, G Fisher) 5.50; 2, Court Flyers (C Marston, A Marston, J Manicom, A Hayes) 5.55; 3, Better Late Than Never (L McCabe, M Sheldon, N Rowe, L Nelson) 5.56; 4, Farmers Bloodhound Babes. intermediate (bogey).— 1, The Hairy Arseal Plumbers (A Cale, J Casemore, C Steele, M Penrice); 2, Kings Troop B Team (Bdr Hubbard, Gnr Brown, Gnr Gooding, Gnr Sutcliffe); 3, Sandhurst Drag (A Van Oostrum, B Siefert, D Lochman, M Fricker); 4, The Bad Apples. nov.— 1, The Bees Knees (S Wise, C Knight, G Gomm, F Wise); 2, Better Than The Last Team (S Arscott, S McLeod, A Eaton, R Parker); 3, Cotswold Vale Vixens (J Watts, N Stallard, C Fumo, M Green); 4, Trembling Tottie.

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