Belvoir Puppy Show hunting results

  • Doghounds.— 1, Raglan (by Principle 07 out of Rascal 05) walked by Miss N Camm; 2, Painter (Principle 07-Patience 07), Mrs R Elkington; 3, Radical (brother of Raglan), Miss N Camm. bitch hounds.— 1, Pensive (Principle 07-Perfect 07), Mrs M Barnard; 2, Rapid (sister of Raglan), Mrs C King; 3, Wager (Ranger 05-Wagtail 07), Mrs A Stevenson. best working hounds: doghound.— Galloway 10 (Brocklesby Galloway 07-Rapid 05), Mrs A Stevenson. bitch.— Shellshock 10 (Sherbourne 06-Promise 04), Mr P Smith).

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