BDS Wiltshire driving results, 17 July, 2011

  • Ride & drive (S Wildy).— 1, S Cain & N Waddicors’ Cosmo (A Waddicor). large exercise vehicle.— 1, K Harvey’s Just My Ted; 2, J Ward’s Cider Eye Up; 3, J White’s Splash. small exercise vehicle.— 1, Cosmo; 2, M Dunevein’s Duke (A Dunevein-Gordon); 3, N Waddicor’s Sunny (J Cowles). young driver 14 years and over.— 1 & ch, P Holcombe’s Westbourne High Flyer (T Ambrose); 2, J White’s Splash (Z White). 13 years and under.— 1, Cosmo; 2, A Holland’s Macen (A Holland). private driving.— 1 & ch, P White’s Yogi & Toff; 2, L Parson’s Bristles; 2, Cider Eye Up. show drive, large.— 1, Yogi & Toff; 2, Cider Eye Up; 3, S Johnson’s Toby. show drive, small.— 1, Splash; 2, Bristles; 3, Cosmo. pleasure driving (J Hendy).— 1, Toby; 2, Just My Ted; 3, Duke. reg Welsh.— 1, Cider Eye Up. veteran.— 1, Just My Ted; 2, Bristles; 3, Splash. private driving hackney type.— 1, Westbourne High Flyer; 2, P Holcombe’s Westbourne Piccalo. light trade.— 1, res & res sup, C Fountain’s Trixies How’d You Like It (T Fountain); 2, G Cordery’s Brynomelciow Defiance. concours d’elegance (T Dickinson).— 1, Yogi & Toff. nov hackney pony (G Docking).— 1 & res, B Ward’s Aghaderg Another Hero; 2, J Chicken’s Stapleford First Edition (A Sparrowhawk). open pony.— Aghaderg Another Hero; 2, E Walsh Jnr & J Sparrowhawks’ Heartland Top Of The Class (J Sparrowhawk). hackney driven to a gig.— 1, Westbourne High Flyer; 2, Westbourne Piccalo. nov horse.— 1 & ch & sup, W Gill’s Madges Last Wonder (S Barraclough); 2, H McNiece’s Baldwins A Class Act.

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