BDS Wiltshire driving results, 17-18 July

  • Nov hackney pony (E Ward).— 1, Mr & Mrs G MacIntosh’s Extremely Irresistable (S Barraclough). open hackney pony.— 1, Extremely Irresistable. nov hackney horse.— 1 & ch, C Purver & S Barraclough’s Wellshaw Prima Donna (S Barraclough); 2, F Wadham’s Baldwins Look At Me. ride and drive (J Brightwell).— 1, S Kerr’s Greenhurst Daytime (A Towler); 2, K Eastlake’s Cosmo (A Waddicor). exercise vehicle, lge.— 1, K Harvey’s Just My Ted; 2, S Johnson’s Toby’ 3, T Howard’s Borthwood Fancy Ribbons. sml.— 1 & res, Smith Bros’ Royal Sunshine (L Smith); 2, J White’s Splash; 3, Cosmo (J Cowles). young driver 14 years & over.— 1, Splash (Z White). 13 years & under.— 1, A Birch’s Meilea Tornado (R Ralph); 2, Greenhurst Daytime (A Towler); 3, Cosmo (A Waddicor). private driving.— 1 & res, R Keyser’s Dunkerry Bewick (P Richmond); 2, P White’s Yogi & Toff; 3, Greenhurst Daytime. private driving with show drive.— 1, Yogi & Toff, 2, R Berry’s Harvey & Barnaby; 3, Greenhurst Daytime. concours d’elegance (Mr & Mrs T Price).— 1 & ch & res sup, J Hollister’s Heartland Red Rocket (J Thomas). pleasure driving (A Sinclair).— 1, Toby; 2, Just My Ted; 3, Splash. private driving registered Welsh.— 1, Meilea Tornado; 2 J Ward’s Cyder I up. private driving hackney type.— 1, Heartland Red Rocket; 2, Royal Sunshine. veteran horse or pony.— 1, Just My Ted; 2, Splash; 3, Meilea Tornado. nov hackney pony (J Wenham jnr).— 1 & ch & sup, E Ward’s Westbourne Hallmark (B Ward); 2, Extremely Irresistable. open hackney pony. Westbourne Hallmark; 2, Extremely Irresistable. hackney driven to a gig.— Royal Sunshine. open hackney horse.— 1, Mr & Mrs E Walsh’s Marylind Executive (F Walsh); 2, Wellshaw Prima Donna.

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