BDS South Yorks & Notts, 3 June ’06

  • BDS SOUTH YORKS & NOTTS, Danethorpe Hills EC, Nottinghamshire, 3 June ’06

    Jill Holah Ride & Drive 13.2hh & Under (J Halnan-Blackwell) 1 & ch, C McClymont’s Willowheath Nymph (driver L Tweedale & rider F Monks); 2, S Braybrook’s Mr Lucifer (rider S Dixon); 3, I C Townsend’s Megan (rider J Bosworth). Pam Marris Novice Horse/Pony 1, P J Swarbrick’s Markham Danny; 2, B Dadswell’s Moelbentyrch Pedr; 3, C Borman’s Louis. Diana Grudgings Exercise Vehicles 1, J Stretton & L Cotterill’s Craignant Satellite (J Stretton); 2, Willowheath Nymph (L Tweedale); 3, I C Townsend’s Megan. John Dobson Lady Whip 1, J Dobson’s St Helens Monarch; 2, Craignant Satellite; 3, J Ashton Beard’s Tyson. Bridleway and Gauntley’s Country Store Concourse D’Elegance 1, D Simpson’s Crackerjack (R Simpson); 2, C Sadler’s Gellihaf Heulfryn; 3, St Helens Monarch. Graham Scholfield Private Driving Non Hackney Singles Over 13.2hh (V Neal) 1 & res, St Helens Monarch; 2, H Cox’s Gwyllan Sebastian; 3, T Ford’s Celtic Shades. Nicola & Malcolm Salter Country Vehicles And Governess Or Tub Carts 1 & sup, Crackerjack; 2, L Swain’s Maesllaich Rosina. Joy & John Bird Ride & Drive Over 13.2hh 1 & res, E Foster’s Thumper; 2, R James’s Apache Warrior II; 3, K Moreau’s Calerux Saturn. Sadler Family Young Driver 1, Willowheath Nymph; 2, O Salter’s Thistledown Eric; 3, Calerux Saturn. light trade 1, H Mills’s Perfleet High Society. Joanne Dobson Gentleman Whip 1, Thumper; 2, Celtic Shades; 3, Louis. Bureside Stud M&M (J Halnan-Blackwell) 1, Gellihaf Heulfryn; 2, Gwyllan Sebastian; 3, P Brown’s Rheldol Castella. Janis & Peter Clough Private Driving Non-Hackney Singles 13.2hh & Under 1, ch & res sup, Gellihaf Heulfryn; 2, E Mills’s Oakvale Rowan; 3, Maesllaich Rosina. Foster Family Pleasue Driving 1, Louis; 2, Willowheath Nymph; 3, J Smith’s Trooper Thornton. Lucinda Southern Style & Performance 1, Oakvale Rowan; 2, Calerux Satellite. B J Smith Timed Cones Axles Under 120cm 1, Matriarch Independence (S Fairburn); 2, Stoughton Major (S Gardner); 3, Stoughton Major (G Smith). B J Smith Timed Cones Axles Over 120cm 1, Thumper (E Foster); 2, Ghellos Alexander (S Brookes); 3, Trooper Thornton (J Smith).

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