BDS Northern Ireland driving results, 3 July

  • Welsh pony in-hand (J Simpson & S Higgins).— 1, Wallace Shaw’s Clarvalley Prince; 2, Brian Bradley’s Murphy. Welsh cob in-hand.— 1, J Cleland’s Bon Heather. hackney horse in-hand.— 1, J Cleland’s Glenshane Dandy. nov horse driven to a traditional vehicle.— 1, R Picken’s Wallpicks Reflection; 2, N Brown’s Rosehall Into The West & Rosehall Pride Of Down (A Presho); 3, B McWilliam’s Lifford Willie. exercise vehicle under 13.2hh.— 1, C Wilson’s Thistledown Likely Lad; 2, M Ward’s Fronarth Flashman; 3, J Weir’s Milltown Boy. over 13.2hh.— 1 & ch, B McAuley’s Roneney What’s Wanted; 2, G Fawcett’s Cludo; 3, G Bailie’s Ellebryn Strider. single non-hackney under 13.2hh.— 1, J Bailie’s Chesney (G Bailie). over 13.2hh.— 1 & res, J Carnduff’s Zatinka M (M Hampton); 2, J Carnduff’s Ulisha; 3, P Monaghan’s Raspberry Ripple. Welsh section D to a traditional vehicle.— 1 & ch, H Carnduff’s Bellury Hostess (S Barlow); 2, L Rooney’s Fronarth Jupiter. Welsh pony to a traditional vehicle.— 1, M Alexander’s Fronarth Sean (D Wilson); 2, C Geddis’s Rockie; 3, M Hampton’s Croftvale Corum. country turnouts.— 1, N Brown’s Rosehall Tara Maiden (A Presho); 2, Raspberry Ripple; 3, Fronarth Jupiter. single hackney to a traditional vehicle.— 1, Wallpicks Reflection; 2, M Hanlon’s Thorneyside Reflection. shetland pony.— 1, D Armstrong’s Magheradartin Braveheart; 2, P Harris’s Royalist. hackney horse driven to a show wagon.— 1, J Cleland’s Glenshane Dandy; 2, M Hanlon’s Downtown The Business. hackney pony driven to a show wagon.— 1 & ch, F Bingham’s Stapleford Oliver; 2, D O’Neill’s Aghaderg Bold As Brass. jnr whip.— 1, M Hampton’s Croftvale Corum (K Barlow); 2, Raspberry Ripple (C Monaghan); 3, C Newell’s Brynithon Bay Prince. lady whip.— 1, Bellury Hostess (S Barlow); Brynithon Bay Prince (J Newell); 3, D Armstrong’s Longland Ranger. light trade.— 1, B McWilliam’s Lifford Willie; 2, L Hanna’s Tavillion Duke & Moreland King; 3, Milltown Boy. multiples.— 1, N Brown’s Rosehall Tara Maiden, Rosehall Into The West & Rosehall Pride Of Down (A Presho). open class under 12hh.— 1, Longland Ranger; 2, Chesney (N Burns). Check Me Diagnostic’s showman’s class (R Higgins & D Boyd).— 1, Fronarth Sean (D Wilson), 49 pts; 2, Zatinka M (D Bailie), 45 pts. concours d’elegance (D Smyth).— 1, J Weir’s Milltown Boy; 2, J McCoosh’s Downhill Mischief.

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