BDS East Anglian Suffolk sgd, 21 May ’06

  • BDS EAST ANGLIAN Suffolk sgd, Ipswich, 21 May ’06

    ride & drive (J Halnan-Blackwell) 1, C Green’s Verdrefawr Starlight (E Lee); 2, V Francis’s Felinfach Tory Boy; 3, E McCarthy’s Minnie Cooper (C McCarthy). nov 13.2hh and under (G Marks) 1, R Miller’s Heniarth Quip (N Blandin); 2, K Faulkner’s Kebroyd Votadini. nov over 13.2hh 1, M Fuller’s Annod Zola; 2, F Clark’s Diachristu Dream On (P Mills). private driving non-Hackney singles 13.2hh & under (J Halnan-Blackwell) 1 & ch, N Fuller’s Trehewyd Brenin Arthur; 2, Mr & Mrs Edmonds’s Synod Guard (E Edmonds); 3, Heniarth Quip. over 13.2hh 1, Osborne Refrigerators Ltd’s Krug (J Osborne); 2, G Blake’s Guanvyrnwy Prince of Wales; 3, W Winney’s Nobacs Black Jack (N Winney). m&m 1, S Walrond’s Murvy Dunhill; 2, J Snowdon’s Gometra Halyard & Rex Of Larkrise; 3, A Mann’s Threapwood Vanguard & Jasmine Of Rowangar. country turnout 1, L Swain’s Maesllwch Rosina; 2, Diachristu Dream On; 3, Threapwood Vanguard & Jasmine Of Rowanger. private driving Welsh sec A/B/C 1, Synod Guard; 2, Heniarth Quip; 3, J Osborne’s Bennettts Castle Jacko (S Osborne). sec D 1, Nobacs Black Jack. Hackney singles 1 & res, J Clayden’s Glenshane Prince; 2, P Vyse’s Hamewith Lochnager (G Docking). multiples 1, Geometra Halyard & Rex Of Lark Rise; 2, Threapwood Vanguard & Jasmine Of Rowanger. light trade (G Marks) 1, C Fountain’s Regency Rocky Boy; 2, S Bone’s Brookfield Budweiser; 3, W McDermott’s Colonel Tom. exercise vehicles 13.2hh & under 2eq, L Kirby’s Just William & Mr & Mrs Snow’s Bureside Ringo (N Snow); 3, Kebroyd Votadini. over 13.2hh 1, C Curran’s Dolly; 2, L Godwin’s Millie; 3, Countess of Iveagh’s Castle Hill Lad. pleasure driving 13.2hh & under 1 & ch, Bureside Ringo (C Snow); 2, J Sycamore’s Sydney; 3, Just William. over 13.2hh 1 & res, G Snow’s Artful Dodger; 2, Dolly; 3, Mr & Mrs Moyes’s Wheelwrights William Rufus (H Moyes). young drivers 12 yrs & under 1, A Turner. over 12 yrs 1 & ch, C McCarthy; 2 & res, C Snow; 3, E Lee

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