BDS East Anglia driving results, 22 May, 2011

  • Ride & drive (C Dale-Leech).— 1, N Winney’s Glanvernwy Prince Of Wales. country turnout.— 1, Osborne Refrigerators’ The Poacher (J Osborne); 2, G Mills’ Toobie & Dice (P Mills); 3, T Mizzi, Mrs Harrison & daughters’ Shilstone Rocks Snowdon (T Mizzi). nov private driving.— 1, A Brazier’s Wentworth Moonshine; 2, V Francis’ Albie; 3, Mr & Mrs Mann’s Beulah’s Black Beauty (A Mann). ex vehicles two-wheels.— 1, M Apicella’s Navestock Owen (E Caley); 2, G Lister’s Kellas Oyster Royal; 3, A Larner’s Dominic. four-wheels.— 1, Mr & Mrs Wilkinson’s Popsters Ricochet (C Eagle); 2, J Manning’s Forewood Christine; 3, L Twitchen’s Cider Rose. young driver 10-14yrs.— 1, H McDermott’s Benwinds Flash Gordon; 2, N Fuller’s Trehewyd Brenin Arthur (A Rowe); 3, J L Snowdon’s Larksrise Pearly King (T Lilley). 15-17yrs.— 1, J L Snowdon’s Rex Of Larkrise (A Turner); 2, J Eary’s Synod Rancell. style & perf.— 1, S Walrond’s Murvey Dunhill; 2, K Bowling’s Tilly Trotter (J Bowling); 3, Toobie & Dice. non Hackneys 13.2hh & under (J Cowles).— 1, J Claydon’s Trindod Wildcat (K Cooper); 2, Shilstone Rocks Snowdon; 3, H Seymour’s Barham Sweet Charity. over 13.2hh.— 1, M & E Edmonds’ Magpie (L Edmonds); 2, T Wade’s Kallista Lodge Joe; 3, Glanvyrnwy Prince Of Wales. m&m exc Welsh.— 1, Murvey Dunhill; 2, Shilstone Rocks Snowdon; 3, Rex Of Larkrise (J Snowdon). Welsh sec D.— 1, W Hawking’s Thorneyside The Intruder (A Brown); 2, Glanvyrnwy Prince Of Wales; 3, C Benford’s Mondsworth China Doll (C Brown). Welsh A/B/C.— 1, Trindod Wildcat; 2, Benwinds Flash Gordon; 3, H Seymour’s Barham Sweet Charity. Hackneys.— 1 & ch, J Howell’s Forewood Sensation; 2, N Fuller’s Sunbeam Touch Of Star; 3, Mr & Mrs Randall’s Teddy Boy (J Randall). multiples.— 1, Toobie & Dice; 2, J Howell’s Joey & Patsy; 3, Mr & Mrs Mann’s Threapwood Vanguard (A Mann). pleasure driving 13.2hh & under.— 1 & ch, L Kirby’s Just William; 2, M Howell’s Gwenllan Gwilym; 3, Dominic. over 13.2hh.— 1 & res, R Perrin’s Valetino; 2, Cider Rose. donkeys.— 1, J Oliver’s Mixandmatch; 2, A Larner’s Barnaby. light trade (C Dale-Leech & J Cowles).— 1, Smith Bros’ Baldwins John Boy (E Smith); 2, The Poacher; 3, E Hopton’s Stan The Man. show wagons Welsh A/B/C.— 1, S Watts’ Trixies Black Princess. Welsh D.— 1, D Thursting’s Ciffig Cymro Du; 3, S Watts’ Trixies Shesagoodun.

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