BDS Annual driving results, 24 June 2012

  • Gail Crosier nov pony 13.2hh & under.– 1 & res, D Charlesworth’s Brynllwyn Quick-Flash (N Salter); 2, Deni Harper-Adams Triad Gold Label; 3, S Courtney’s Florgat Chocolate Chip. T Cribb & Sons nov horse over 13.2hh.– 1, res sup, res & ch, J Clough & G Scholfield’s Dearne Valley Ronaldo (J Clough); 2, M Clarke’s Thorneyside Magic Trick (M Kesans). non-hackney type 13.2hh & under.– 1, A Lewis’ Kingsmead Gatekeeper (E Thompson); 2, Brynllwyn Quick-Flash; 3, R Keyser’s Dunkery Bewick (P Richmond). T Cribb & Sons non-hackney type over 13.2hh.– 1, Mr & Mrs M Edmond’s Maylands Magpie (E Edmonds); 2, Mr & Mrs Elliott’s GWM Duchess Of Monico (J Elliott); 3, V Neal’s Synod Rockabilly. KBIS British Equestrian Insurance hackney type.– 1 & sup, J Hollister & A Hamilton-Rhodes’ Brookeborough Duke (A Hamilton-Rhodes); 2, Smith Bros’ Royal Sunshine (L Smith); 3, Peters’ Aghaderg Mourinho (C Peters). coloured horse.– 1, S Steven’s Jack Of Hearts. Crestwood UK M&M.– 1, A Radcliffe’s Barn’s Blue Mouse & Twinky Of Hutton; 2, Dunkery Bewick; 3, V Hampton’s Northscousburg Carlas (A Hampton). Victoria Foods Welsh sec A/B.– 1 & ch, Kingsmead Gatekeeper; 2, Brynllwyn Quick-Flash; 3, J Clayden’s Trindod Wildcat (K Cooper). do sec C.– 1, V Morris’ Drysiog Daniel Ap Jet; 2, B Lewis & W Isaac’s Swchyrhafod Samson (W Isaac); 3, J Seaman’s Somerford Granville. do sec D.– 1, Dearne Valley Ronaldo; 2, Smith Bros’ Ackroyd Patsy (E Smith); 3, Synod Rockabilly. world & rare breeds.– 1, GWM Duchess Of Monico; 2, Mr & Mrs J Randall’s Teddy Boy (J Randall); 3, J Bailey’s Ursula (C Bailey). Grayswood Carriages veteran.– 1, A Gallop’s Merioneth Moeson; 2, Mr & Mrs D Pritchard’s Northleach Roulette (D Pritchard); 3, R Page’s Grayswood Bucks Fizz. Binder Ltd country vehicle 13.2hh & under.– 1, Dunkery Bewick; 2, S Vella’s Can I Stay Now; 3, Mr & Mrs J Snowdon’s Rex Of Larkrise & Gometra Halyard (J Snowdon). do over 13.2hh.– 1, T & H Annema’s Anke & Jonas (T Annema); 2, Mr & Mrs M Armstrong’s Twy-Neash Sugar Ray; 3, The Queen’s Firework & Bermuda (M Powers). KBIS British Equestrian Insurance pair/multiple.– 1, Hartland Carriage’s Star & Metz (J Hartland); 2, Barn’s Blue Mouse & Twinky Of Hutton; 3, Hartland Carriage’s Menno & Issy (M Hartland). BWD Furniture Consultants’ young driver 10-14yr.– 1 & res, G Hart’s Levens Eddie (L Marshall); 2, S Caine & N Waddicor’s Cosmo (A Waddicor); 3, N Waddicor’s Sunrising Bugle Boy (A Fulford). do 15-17yr.– 1 & ch, L Beech & J Cooper’s Sybolt H; 2, J White’s Splash (Z White). Truckbusters concours d’elegance.– 1, K Bowling’s Tilly Trotter (J Bowling). Crestwood UK hackney under 14hh.– 1, B Turner’s Heartland Advantage (G Turner); 2, E Ward’s Westbourne Hallmark (B Ward); 3, G Haffenden’s Aghaderg Supreme Demonstrator. do 14hh & over.– 1 & ch, C Moran’s Drewsherne Corrall; 2, S Wormold’s Atlowsprings Ratafia (S Barraclough); 3, Peters’ Brookfield Mark Of Success (A Hamilton-Rhodes). Crestwood UK nov hackney pony.– 1, J Chicken’s Stapleford First Edition (A Sparrowhawk); 2, B Turner’s Heartland Codebreaker (G Turner); 3, G Haffenden’s Roscourt Bring It On. do horse 14hh & over.– 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Walsh’s Marylind Question Mark; 2, H McNiece’s Baldwin’s A Class Act; 3, R Denness’ Borthwood Downtown Boy. Brightside Welsh Cobs show wagon, sec A/B/C.– 1 & res, M Howell’s Gwenllan Gwilym; 2, S Crowe’s Twyloch William; 3, R Russell Allen’s Aston Midnight Moon. do sec D.– 1 & ch, P Gray’s Thorneyside Brynawelon (G Mitchell); 2, W Hawkins’ Thornyside Tradition (A Brown); 3, W Hawkins’ Brightside Sahara Dune (F Brown). Frank & Jane Warrender ride & drive.– 1, A Staniland’s Chasecroft Troy Tempest; 2, Synod Rockabilly; 3, C Wigmore’s Winston. Worshipful Company of Wheelwrights vintage vehicle.– 1, Ursula; 2, Can I Stay Now; 3, The Queen’s Louis & Belfast (C Allen). Electrolux 2-wheel light trade.– 1, B Brazier’s Bennetts Castle Joe; 2, C Fountain’s Bookham Lodge Dallas (T Fountain); 3, C Sherfield’s Lakeside Arkan. do coster.– 1 & res, M Burgess’ Brimstone The Fenman; 2, T Burgess’ Cledlyn Sam; 3, J Hyatt’s Gwenside Dappa Dan. do 4-wheel light trade.– 1 & ch, T Cribb & Sons’ Earl & Major (P Gibson); 2, Smith Bros’ Baldwins John Boy (E Smith); 3, W Bryant’s Brylee Magic Jnr & Brylee Bobby Dazzler. Balanced Horse Feeds 2-wheel exercise vehicle.– 1, Synod Rockabilly; 2, Cosmo; 3, L Tower’s Colne Rose. do 4-wheel.– 1, P Day’s Morse (E Day); 2, R Gibsom’s Beeching Bobby Sox; 3, J Bromley’s Tyefields Discovery & Stapleford Firework. Balanced Horse Feeds pleasure driving single/pair.– 1, Mr & Mrs Saunders’ Horsemans Momentum (M Saunders); 2, Jack Of Hearts; 3, H King’s Baddesley Rolo. donkey/mule open.– 1, J Oliver’s Mix & Match; 2, P Clark’s Barley; 3, J Parrett’s Rikita Du Bocage.

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