Atherstone team chase results, 25 September, 2011

  • Novice.– 1, Albrighton Allstars (B Hooley, B Riley, F Benett, M Gadsden); 2, Cobley Transport Awesome Foursome (D Goode, M Dexter, H Cobley, C Hyde); 3, Baskerville, Horgan & Partners (F Wise, C Knight, G Gonn, S Wise); 4, Wandering Wilmots; 5, Chukka Chasers; 6, Pissed & Broke. open Q.– 1, Art Hotel Chasers (S Myhill, L Seidel, J Goss, C Davies) 4m 22.38s; 2, ROR Lycetts A Class Act (A Shipley, A Vowles, C Alexander, J Lewis) 4m 54.89s. intermediate.– 1, Equiform Farmers Bloodhounds (J Goss, G Wright, S Myhill, C Davies) 3m 35.69s; The Monster Team (R Cope, P Mason, L Gordon) 3m 40.23; 3, The Point 2 Topspec Close Shavers (M Cramb, P Thomason, A Shipley, C Brown) 3m 49.93s; 4, Why Worry There’s Hope; 5, Team Ride-Away; 6, Wishful Thinkers Too.

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