Young horses take centre stage at Scope Festival

  • As the weather hotted up outside, the temperature also went up a few degrees inside Bingley Hall, as riders locked horns for another eight championships.

    Heading the largest final of the day was Irish rider Tom Hearne who claimed the coveted National Milton five-year-old championship riding Bintang II.

    “This is the first time indoors for him, and nothing fazed him,” said Tom, who finished a mere fraction ahead of James Shore and One Two Watch II.

    Tina Fletcher and Hello Boyo (Kannan) were the victors in the 7&8-year-old championship, an acute turn inside the wall to the final fence saving valuable time.

    “It was a tough course, but the further he went, the better he jumped,” said Tina.

    The four-year-old championship judged on style and performance went to three rounds to separate the top two horses, Julie Andrews and Arkol the eventual winners.

    Mathew Sampson and Rush On M were really at the races to win the under 21 final, and it would be a brave person to bet against this championship being the fastest one of the week.

    “He’s an awesome jumper, everything I asked for he gave me,” said Mathew.

    Jonathon Buxton and Wings Sublieme chased a quick standard, but they really upped the pace to win the grade C championship.

    “I’ve only been riding her two months, but we have been building up to this,” said Jonathon who pipped Laura Johnson (Wandore).

    Ian Wynne and Don Douglas successfully defended their 2010 crown in the National senior rider championship, the pair heading the four-strong jump off from last draw.

    Emily Ward rode one of her favourite ponies to win the junior adventurer championship, the six-year-old King Mac pulling off two crucial turns to win from penultimate draw.

    Championship results: 1 September

    AJ Walter Aviation pony adventurer. – 1, King Mac (E Ward); 2, Destavelars Misty (C Dawson); 3, Zophie III (R Gunn). Smarter Training Group National 1.15m.– 1, Lanbado Supreme (E Sargeant); 2, Brooklands Jack The Lad (A Brown); 3, Sat On A Star (S Pountain). Autostop National 4-year-old.– 1, Arkol (J Andrews); 2, Millioninmind (C Barnes); 3, Curra River (A Barr). Equiport National 5-year-old Milton.– 1, Bintang II (T Hearne); 2, One 2 Watch II (J Shore); 3, Bart VI (E Stoker). Halsall Electrical National grade C.– 1, Wings Sublieme (J Buxton); 2, Wandore (L Johnson); 3, Dougie Douglas (H Gillott). Springs Equestrian Partnership National 7&8-year-old.– 1, Hello Boyo (T Fletcher); 2, Erasmus Van De Heffinck (D Jolliffe); 3, Zagahorn (M Armstrong). Whittaker Coachbuiders National senior riders.– 1, Don Douglas (I Wynne); 2, Floryy (R Tillson); 3, Wilandri E (S Burchmore). Hopkinson National under 21.– 1, Rush On M (M Sampson); 2, Titi D’Oase (L Guild); 3, Winner IV (L Saywell).

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