Whitaker one-two in Cushionbed national championship at Scope

  • It was a Whitaker one–two after the final rounds of the Cushionbed British Showjumping Scope Festival 2011 had been jumped, as Louise Whitaker riding Mandy Hall’s Dazzle pipped her father John and Catwalk in the Cushionbed National championship.

    Eight came through to the third round where Louise set a blistering pace. “I know she (Dazzle) is quick in the air and across the ground so we went for it,” said Louise.

    John made a spirited challenge but the eight-year-old Catwalk could not match Dazzle’s pace. “For once I don’t mind being second. Even if I had ridden this course 10 more times, I don’t think I could have caught Louise,” said John.

    Emma Slater proved unbeatable in the Thermohomes Europe adventurer. Having taken an early lead with Contessa Van De Zuuthoeve, Emma also clinched second place with late drawn Ace Pilot.

    “I have only been riding her for a couple of months, but she simply flew,” said Emma of her winning ride.

    The new partnership of Chris Smith and Wiseboy clinched the grade B championship. Chris took over the ride on Wiseboy just a few weeks ago while regular jockey Keith Shore was competing in France.

    “Wiseboy deserved a good win as he’s jumped lots of clears this week,” said Chris.

    Darby Ward gained her third championship of the week when Wischin Chin M won the coveted Dunglenn 148cm championship. Like the gents final on Wednesday, this class was won on four faults, Darby’s pony lowering the final rail in a fast time.

    “We had to go for it and make the others chase us, and it worked,” said Darby, 15.

    The tiny tots again attracted lots of vocal support, and it was Megan Taylor and Nats Lass who found the shortest route to win.

    “I made my mind up on a planned route, and stuck to it in the jump off,” said Megan.

    Riders in the midget & mighty pairs relay were also roared on, Charlie Dawson (Marthas Darling) and Laura Robinson (Cree Cruiser) posting the fastest time.

    Leicestershire rider Charlie Hughes 13 claimed the National pony British novice championship riding Granby Majesta. This was yet another pony finale where early double clears became progressively faster, and Charlie took the lead at the half way stage and held on to it.

    Results: Saturday 3 September

    National pony British novice. – 1, Granby Majesta (C Hughes); 2, Buddy Budweiser (L Fenn); 3, Monkey Munchkin (P Palk). Thermohomes Europe Adventurer. – 1 & 2, Contessa Van T Vijvershof (E Slater); 3, Zagy (D Morton). Halsall Electrical National grade B.– 1, Wiseboy (C Smith); 2, Vero (K Rose); 3, Veroniek II (R Oliver). Marsh National six-year-old.– 1, HFS Valentino (S Buckley); 2, Simply BE II (A Condon); 3, Lupicos (L Pavitt). Shaw Farm Stud tiny tots.– 1, Nats Lass (M Taylor); 2, Kitty (L Freeman-Attwood); 3, Cappagh Misty (M Stanley). Dunglenn 148cm. – 1, Wischin Chin M (D Ward); 2, Amilie JR Z (A Chitty); 3, Salvador IV (L Robinson). Bilton Ward Developments midget & mighty masters relay. – 1, Marthas Darling (C Dawson) & Cree Cruiser (L Robinson); 2, Ashes Cool Dude (A Taylor) & Wilando B (E Stoker); 3, Try To Hit Me (G Babes) & Top Limit (S Hutton). Cushionbed National championship.– 1, Dazzle (L Whitaker); 2, Catwalk (J Whitaker); 3, Hllo Unique (T Fletcher). National Team championship.– 1, Area 21 (Derbyshire); 2, Area 15A (East Yorkshire); 3, Area 36 (Cardigan).

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