What you didn’t know about… Fresh Direct Kalico Bay

  • Showjumper Tim Stockdale on the King George V Cup winner who pulls out weave bars with his teeth.

    Fact file

    Age: 11

    Name: Fresh Direct Kalico Bay

    Stable name: Frankie

    Height: 17hh

    Breed: Irish sport horse

    Sire: Limmerick

    Owners: Colin & Ann Garratt

    Discipline: showjumping

    Rider: Tim Stockdale

    Groom: Kristyn Kemp

    Best result: in 2010 he won the King George V Gold Cup at the Royal International at Hickstead

    Five things you didn’t know…

    1 Irish showjumper Trevor Coyle rode both his dam Missile C and his grandsire Cruising.

    2 Tim Flach, the award-winning photographer, once featured him in an advert for which he needed a black horse.

    3 He’s a bit of a Houdini. He loves nothing better than to escape from his loosebox and has even learnt how to undo the bolts.

    4 He won’t tolerate anti-weave bars. They kept getting broken and I would wonder what had happened to them. Then one day I found out what he was up to – he twangs them until they snap and then pulls them out with his teeth.

    5 He’s a really fussy eater. He will only eat Spillers feeds!

    To read the full interview with Tim Stockdale on Fresh Direct Kalico Bay see the 19 April issue of H&H

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